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Kinda a strange issue

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I keep fish along with cats and the dog ...

My question is it weird to greive for a fish you have had for a few weeks ?? I found the skeleton( or cartilage form) of my baby pleco( rubberlip was sold as ) .... I had only had it about 3 weeks and still hadnt named it .... but finding s it remains I am almost crying...
Do you guys morn fish>>??? I dont mean the ones that you have had for a good lentght of time....
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I've never had fish, but I don't see why it would be weird to mourn them.
Sorry for you loss.
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sorry for your loss.

i haven't had fish since i was like 2!
But there is nothing wrong with mourning fish. I had to look after a friend's fish while they were on holiday, and when it came to the second day of their holiday, the poor thing died and it wasn't mine!!!
i mourned, so, no, it's not weird to mourn for a fish. it's a living creature, just cause they're small doesn't mean they aren't worth a good cry when they pass on.
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LOL when my first betta fish died after having him a week [this happened a few years ago] I was totally bawling. It wasn't so bad when my second one died because he was evil... and this one I have now [Paris] isn't quite the buddy that my first one, Legolas was.
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Of course it's natural to mourn the loss of a fish, Jennifer, and to continue to find your little pleco's remains must be just horrible for you!
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Sorry for your loss. It isnt weird to mourn your fishie-that was a pet. And finding its remains would have been very sad.
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I had a goldfish that I bought the day I got my drivers license. He lived for 9 years and I was very upset when he died

Fish are pets too, and it isn't silly to mourn for them.

RIP little Plecko
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Every time one of my bettas dies, I cry. It's not strange to mourn. Some of them I've had for three years or more, and I grew attached to them. Each one is a part of my family, they are my little finbabies.
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I don't think it's weird. Personally I've only ever been sad about loosing a fish I've had for a long time.

But my fiance' loves fish and he takes losses of new fish very hard. I think he feels responsible, like maybe the water ph or amonia was off and killed them. (but I don't think that you killed your fish!)

I'm sorry you lost your fish.

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Thank you for letting me know it is normal to mourn a fish...
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Yes I do mourn and my kids too... I think it is the animal lover in us all...
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I had a Beta that I named Walter (Because he looked just like Walter Matthau!) I was upset to the point of being sick when he died. I decided then not to name our fish anymore.

We've had others die since then and I do feel sad that they've passed, so mourning them is not strange. I know it seems so sometimes because we can't interact with them as we would a cat or dog. When you lose something you take care of, regardless of species, most of us still have emotional responses. It's totally normal.
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If you didn't mourn, you probably didn't care much about the fish to begin with. If you didn't care about him, why bother having him? Soooo... IMO, its natural to mourn for a fish. Sorry for your loss.
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I totally understand. . .it's not weird for you to mourn a fish- he/she was your pet. And I agree with Rockcat- it just means that you cared, and it would be upsetting to find the remains. I cried when my fishy died too!
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I cry when I see road kill
We had a couple of birds on the road by my home just recently one was in a very messed up way flat on the road. another was also clearly dead on the road but looked unharmed. it seemed clear to me one got run over and the other flew down to have a look what had happened..and got hit.

Its sad
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I mourn the loss of any pet..I even sometimes mourn when I kill a plant. I know it's so stupid, but the plant was living, and I killed it so I feel awful.
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So sorry for your loss.When I was a kid, I had a little funeral service when one of my fished died many years ago.
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If your an animal lover you'll mourn the loss of any pet. It's very understandable to mourn the fish. I had a little fish I got for a birthday present that lived for 3 years. The day he died I couldn't go near the bowl... my mother had to take care of the remains.

I'm sure you fishy is happily swimming in that big blue bowl in the sky!
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i cried when my bettas "prince mongo" and "big sexy" passed away (both at different times...i had "big sexy" for i was a little upset. It's normal...people get attached to even the smallest little things like fish...that just tells you that you have a big heart to care soo much for something soo little it's a good thing.
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