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Sending lots of good thoughts to you both. I hope the double dose does the trick
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I'm sure that you are relieved to know that his current kidney medication is working so well.

I am sending lots of positive vibes that upping Tyler's thyroid dose will do the trick...
Come on Tyler, start eating.
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Great news on the kidneys, I hope the increase in meds help him, and that the weight goes on easily without issues! You guys take such wonderful care of Tyler he's going to have the best life he can with you! (We all know he's got to be spoiled darn near rotten!!! )
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I am so pleased to hear that they show something that might be easily treatable and it is excellent about his kidneys.
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kitty vibes...........coming your way..........with all my prayers for a speedy recovery.

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How is Tyler???
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Originally Posted by sharky
How is Tyler???
Still on fluids, still being assist-fed. Threw up once on Saturday, not since then (keeping fingers crossed). He did eat overnight - almost 3 ounces, that's a first in at least a week!
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I am your cheerleader ...Eat Eat and dont throw up for Mommy
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Just looking in to see how he is doing.
Best wishes Anne
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Best wishes for Tyler, hope his increased dosage does the trick. Great news about his kidney function!
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Sending prayers and {{{{{Get Well Soon Vibes}}}}} to Tyler. Come on sweetheart keep your food down for meowmy.
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How's Tyler doing now, Pat?
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He's only thrown up once in a great while now, but he's eating almost nothing. I'm doing assist-feeding and wondering why the lack of appetite.

He has a recheck due soon to see how his thyroid values are now that his medication was increased, I'll discuss it then. I'm so used to having to feed Patrick full time for many months, I can do this again for a couple of weeks (or as needed...just think he looks too well overall for this to be permanent).
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Thank for the update Pat.
Tyler is getting lots of healing, happy vibes.
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Go Tyler Go !!

Lenny and I are sending you Gooooooood Vibbbes
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Tyler had his 2 weeks post increasing his thyroid med apt. yesterday. He's gained 2 oz., still having ear issues so we are trying a different medication (tried tresaderm, now trying panalog). He rarely vomits and has just begun eating on his own again. I still have my fingers crossed but he's had two meals in a row on his own, that's the most since all this began.

Waiting for his lab results - rechecking his thyroid function, liver values and kidney function.
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It's a good sign that he is starting to eat on his own, hope he continues to improve.
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Keep eating little darling.
You are in my prayers sweetie pie.
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Fingers crossed he carries on improving.
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Sending happy, healthy vibes out for Tyler. I hope he continues to improve.
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Thank you to everyone who has been wishing Tyler well. He still could use your positive thoughts.

I just got the lab results back from Saturday (his 2 week followup since increasing his thyroid medication).

The good news was that his liver values that were off, went back to normal.
The weird news is that instead of decreasing, his thyroid test result increased even more(believe we are talking his T4). For now, we are increasing the dose of methimazole again, then rechecking in two weeks.

The concern is that this medication may not work at any dose, next step would be an u/s and after that I do not know as we didn't discuss it. My concern would, of course, be if cancer was involved.

On the plus side, his glucose remains normal and his kidney values are gorgeous at a Bun of 32 and a creatinine of 1.4.

In the more good news department, Tyler has been eating on his own completely since Saturday, and we've been able to discontinue daily sub-q fluids. So.......life is getting more back to normal for him
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Excellent news Pat.

Until you & your vet get his thyroid values straightened out...
sweet Tyler will remain in my prayers.
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Great News for most of it ... Keep getting better Tyler...
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From one mom of a hyper-thyroid cat to another, I'm hoping Tyler's thyroid levels improve soon. Sending loads of (((healing vibes))) your way.
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I'm just seeing this now. Pat, I'm sending all the vibes I can muster Tyler's way. I hope he continues to eat and his thyroid levels improve.
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Our hearts and prayers are with Tyler as you must surely know Pat.
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Glad there's some good news, Pat. I hope those thyroid levels get sorted out soon. Sending lotsa vibes and prayers.
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Thank you everyone..he's chowed down nicely today - the most he's eaten in a single day on his own in several weeks.

This is one cat I'd love to say was fat. But..he never was, he has always been a sleek panther of a Curl.
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0h Pat, I'm hoping for nothing but the best. He could not be in better hands. You have such a magical way of healing.....
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
0h Pat, I'm hoping for nothing but the best. He could not be in better hands. You have such a magical way of healing.....
Thank you and
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