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Neighbors cat running around with a harness on?

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Feel free to move this if this is in the wrong place.

As I was pulling in today, I saw a neighbor's cat. He had a harness on. He had a collar too, but it was a flea collar. I thought maybe he had run off, but I realized his tag was attached to his harness. I was trying to call him, but he was a little skittish.

Has anyone ever heard of someone putting a harness on their cat as a permanent collar? it just seems really dangerous; they are very loose and don't snap off like collars. Plus the cat must hate it. Any suggestions on what I should say to the owners, assuming I can catch the cat and take him home?
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I would feel it can be dangerouse... Does anyone else think this way.
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My worry is that the cat will hang itself on something. Especially if it is running around outside. It could easily get snagged on a branch of a tree or bush and not come just snap off like a usual collar to let him/her free.

I don't think comfort would be too bad... if the cat is used to it.

I am not sure what you could say to the owners. Just possibly explain how dangerous it is to the cat.
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I have seen some when have a something on them which breaks if too much pressure gets put on it eg if the cat catches it on something etc. Are you sure this isn't one of these?
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The flea collar is far more worrisome than the harness to me since those don't come off and they're also toxic... The harness does have some of the same potential problems as a non-breakaway collar but if anything it's slightly safer because not all the pressure of being caught would be on the neck, some would also be distributed to behind the armpits/tummy area if it's an h-style harness. If it's a figure-8 it would be worse. If it's a walking jacket sort it would probably be better.

It's still a terrible idea and I don't even understand why anyone would buy a harness and then juts let the cat out instead of taking it for walks.

Harnesses never have breakaway snaps because then there is absolutely no way you could put a lead on it.
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Flea collars are toxic? I didn't know that. What is it that makes them toxic?

You are right on the harness being better than a non-breakaway collar. But I still worry that the pressure on the neck would be too much for the poor little kitty.

Have you caught him/her yet? Have you talked to the owners about getting a break away collar for their cat instead of leaving the harness on?

I bought a harness but only to take Stanley and Sadie out for walks... I would never leave it on them unsupervised!
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Originally Posted by kiki_585
Flea collars are toxic? I didn't know that. What is it that makes them toxic?
here is a thread I started a while back as I didnt know they were toxic either - have a read
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Still haven't caught the cat. I saw him once more yesterday night, haven't seen him today.

It's a figure 8 harness, just like the one I have for Puppy. No breakaway for sure.
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Do you know who the cat belongs to? If so, they obviously don't realize that not only is the harness a danger but the flea collar as well. I'd go over and politely let them know you are concerned about this and the possible dangers that could occur. If they care about the cat they will thank you and remove those items. If they get mad and tell you mind your own business well, I hope he can get himself free if he does get hung up on something.
A micro chip alone or with a break away collar would help them get their cat back if he was picked up by someone (if they could catch him lol).
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I have no idea who he belongs too, I just moved in. I think he's on the next block, since this is the first time I've seen him. Our place is usually guarded by our neighbor's calico.
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A figure-8 harness is actually more dangerous, and that's why I quit using one and bought an H-Harness. The reason its worse is that if the cat gets caught on either half it will choke. If the armpit half gets caught, it will pull on the neck half. If the neck half catches, well obviously thats bad too.
I'm still confounded about why this cat has a harness on. Do you think it is a person who walks their cat on a lead and something happened? That's the only way Zissou would have a harness on and be alone outside, is if the darn thing broke and she ran off faster than I could...
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Maybe my Seamus is more Houdini-like then the other cat, but he can slip any harness I've tried inside of five minutes.

Good to know info re the flea collar.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
Do you think it is a person who walks their cat on a lead and something happened?
That's what I was thinking, I don't see why else someone would harness a cat other than to take it out for a walk.
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Erin, if you'd like advice on how to harness train your cat esp how to get a good harness that fits and is kitty-proof, pm me. There is a way to get a harness that Seamus won't be able to wiggle out of.

As for this poor kitty, if it were me the next time I saw him I'd follow him and see if he went in a home. If it got dark and he hadn't I'd probably take him inside and put up fliers all over and start knocking on doors. But I do have a lot of spare time right now! (School's over and my job doesn't start for another couple weeks)
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I hope everything has gone okay with the poor kitty.

But a quick question... what is the difference between a figure 8 harness and an H-harness? I think I have it sorted out in my brain but I thought I would ask anyways.

I have the harnesses that have a neck loop and a belly loop connected by a straight line. My guess is that is an H-harness. it looks like this O-o if that makes any sense.

Back to topic... I agree that if you can catch him, bring him into your home take the harness and flea collar off him/her and put up posters. Because he could just be a lost kitty.
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