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Monkey has been coughing lately, very very Rarely like maybe once a day. Except yesterday it happened 3 times. She is perfectly normal in every other way. Eating, playing etc. Wondering what might be the cause of this. I called the vet and am going most likely be bringing her to him tomorrow I am just curious what this could be. Pixel has had the same thing once or twice but with Monkey it seems more frequent. I wonder if its just a cold and if I really need a trip to the vet. Monkey absolutely hates going in the car and I hate to make her go through it if its not really necessary. Any feedback is appreciated.
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Could be a URI or maybe a hairball......
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She has always had a hairball problem though they usually just come out as a big pile of barf on the floor. I have never really known them to make her cough but I think thats probably a possibility. I thought of a respiratory infection but the coughs are so infrequent I figured that probably wasnt it.
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Asthma? Molly started with a cough and now it is graspy. She has seasonal asthma. She usually coughs during spring & fall.
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I am sure the vet will find the problem with Monkey and all will be 100% soon.
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