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Eye Infection?

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Hi, recently the mom of my kittens has disowned the runt of her family. she stopped feeding it, and so I have been handfeeding it for about 5 days now. But she has this crust over her eyes, and she cannot open them, even after cleaning them, there is this green or yellow puss that comes out of the eye and crusts them shut again. Well, I was wondering a few months ago I took my dog to the vet for an ear infection and the vet prescribed him Delta Albaplex *an antibiotic*. Well I was wondering if I could maybe give my kitten a half of a half of a pill, to see if that clears it up. Would this be safe? Cause I don't want my kitten to die, and I can't afford to take him to the vet right now. Any advice on what I could buy in the stores or anywhere or if it would be safe to give him Delta Albaplex. Thanks
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No, dog meds could be poison to a cat. Just call the vet, and explain to him your situation. Since it is a tiny kitten, maybe he will just let you purchase some antibiotic eye ointment for him. This will save the cost of the visit. If he won't then you need to come up with the money to see a vet. (Call around for a better price, if needed.) Otherwise, a long term eye infection might end up causing serious damage to the kitten's eyes.
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My little kitten died tonight at around 1:00 AM...His name was half n half and I sitll don't know why he died...But I hope he didn't suffer too much...I loved him a lot and he was only 4 or 5 weeks old...I miss him very much already...
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I'm sorry to hear about your kitty! I took care of two about 5 weeks ago...they passed away just a few days upon me finding them. Granted, mine were only a few days old, but these little angels die sometimes with out warning or reason. I called the vet over mine, and he said bringing them in would do more harm than good. But atleast the baby knew he was loved and cared for. Don't beat yourself up...you are awesome for taking on the task of hand feeding him to start with!
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RIP Half & Half
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