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dog keeps shivering

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I noticed last night angel was shivering... she's still doing it today. she's playful and she ate some today... i'm a worry wart anyway but anyone elses dog do this?

I just shaved her Sunday too....
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Hmm....I've never had any of my dogs do that. But then mine don't require shaving and are much bigger. I'm not sure.
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I have never noticed Maggie doing this. Maybe shes cold? Its good that she is eating and playing, but you could always call and ask the vets office just to see what they say.
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My old schnauzer used to shiver sometimes...I think they do it sometimes after they get shaved because maybe they feel a little cooler than their used to?
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I cuddled with her in a blanket and she's fine now. She ate a good dinner and had a big releif outside so I'm not stressed. She's snoozing away now.

Boy her life is rough.
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my new doggy does this, she is an English Cocker Spaniel, but I think she's faking it cause she only does it when I take her to go potty in the rain.... she tries to make me feel sorry for her but i caught on real quick so she gets no sympathy! hurry up and go so we don't have to stand out here then!
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the smaller the breed, the more likely they are to shiver. our yorkie does it when hes anxious or sad. others do it when theyre excited. i think reason depends on the dog
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