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To have a pic in your signature you must use a website that allows remote viewing. I know places like photoisland.com allow it, as well as webshots.
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Thanks Heidi and Daniela! I used photoisland - it was real easy!

To get the pic to appear in your signature, you DO have to have it posted on the web. Once that is done, just right click on the single image and "copy image location." Then go to your signature in Edit Profile, and TYPE [ img ] and paste the image location here and then type [ /img ] (but without the spaces between the brackets - I had to do that to get the text to appear.

so it looks like: [img] http://www.imageLocationOnWeb [/img] - but without the spaces between the [ img ] or the end one [ /img ] and without the spaces between the brackets and the img text...

and it worked!

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Thanks Valanhb,

Been back to purrringpanthers thread and read your advice on the resizing of photo's.
Will try that out right now fingers crossed, if no picture appears you will know i am a thicko if a picture does appear....welcome to Pip & Sox my 2 Birman kitty's.

Many thanks,
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Just checked the thread and it's worked thankyou thankyou thankyou as you can see i'm jumping for joy.

Mind you the quality isn't great ...oh!well i'll have to get my hubby to buy me a decent camera won't he be happy ....NOT !!!!

Keep in touch,
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Well - the pic was there in my signature yesterday, and then it wasn't there this morning! I went to photoisland to see what was up - and lo and behold, the address of the pic had changed!

I guess that means they don't "host" pics that people can link to - this must be their way of getting around it. ????

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They have a "For Dummies" book for everything now, I think...they even had one called "Pregnancy for Dummies"
You're absolutely right! I've also seen:

Quantum Physics for Dummies
The Complete Idiots GUide to Understanding Einstein
and Stellar Cartogrophy for Dummies
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Help....i got a new camera for xmas, it's a HP Photosmart 812, i have pics saved on my PC and also got them on Photoaccess.com, i tryed the copy and paste, nothing, the IMG thing, nothin. Tryed the attach file and nothing, i don´t know what else to do.....please help

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Lulu- You and I can eagerly await the answer to that question together!
I just got my scanner working, how do I put my scanned images in posts?
Last time I trieddo it, I clicked "Preview Reply" and the page took forever to load before finally I just closed the window!
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To post from your computer: If your pictures are too large, you have to reduce the size in a photo editing program. There is a pretty good Freeware program that I use, which you can download at www.irfanview.com (I should get paid for all the advertising I do for them! ).

Open your picture using Irfanview, then go into the Image pulldown menu. Select "Resize/Resample" and in the first set of boxes on the left side of the window, make the largest side of your picture 400 pixels. Generally, as long as the picture is less than 400x400 pixels, you should be fine to post here.

To add the pic to your post (you can only attach one pic per post using this method), just below the Options section in your posting window is Attach File: Click the Browse button and open your picture as you would in any other program.

If you post from your computer and you Preview your picture, you will have to repeat the Browse process. I know that at one point we were having problems with seeing the pic in the Preview, so you may just have to take a leap of faith and just Submit Reply with the picture attached.
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I have the pictures saved on photoaccess.com and they are the right size, i have sent them in e-mails no problem.

I'm gonna try and post one here..hope no one minds

Here goes, wish me luck....

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I can't do this...this is soooooooo frustrating. I'm sure as soon as i get it, i will think, goodness how easy.....

it´s just getting there..

But have to fear i will not give up, i will keep trying
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This may work since I had the same problem recently.

Go to photoaccess.com and pull up the pic you want to post. Right click on the photo itself and go to properties. Then copy the address that is shown in that box (not the address that appears in the address bar at the top of your browser).

Then come back here, click on IMG and paste the address in. Also, remember to take out any duplicate part of the address that may appear to have been copied twice. As an example, http:// or www. may apprear twice and you can remove the duplicate.

Try this method I hope it was clear.
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Pixels under 400x400 . . . check
Bytes . . . Too many!
why? Can I change that?
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Depending on what program and file type you are saving it as, see if there is a "high, medium or low" quality. Obviously, the higher the quality the bigger the size of the file. I save my pictures as JPEGs because the file size seems to be a bit smaller than GIFs. If it is still too big, keep reducing the size little by little until the file size is small enough. I've had to do that at times too.
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Ok, I am going to sound REALLY dumb, but how do I make the words in my message different coloured? And how do I do like Mr Cat does - pictures with the words underneath?

I really feel like an eejit now!
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As the old saying goes, the only stupid question is the one that is never asked.

To get the colored text, look up at the top of the posting window, just below the Message Icon. There are 3 pulldown menus for "SIZE" "FONT" and "COLOR". If you pull down the COLOR one, there are all kinds of different color choices. Click on one and another box will pop up that says "Javascript prompt Enter text to be formatted with the selected color". Just type in the text you want there. When you hit enter, it will automatically put the vb code in your post for the color you selected.

As for posting pics with the text underneath, you have to have to have the picture as a link from another site, like in your signature. When you insert the pic with the vb code and a link (i.e. [IMG ] www.mypic.com [/IMG ] *sans spaces*), just put in a hard return/enter and type your text. Then your text appears right underneath the picture. It doesn't work when attaching pictures from your computer because the board automatically attaches the pic as the last thing in your post.
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Interested in finding cool pictures to post?
Mr. Cat has a source for pictures. I go to google.com and do an image search. Just click "images" and type what you want to find a picture of and then hit enter. A page will come up showing thumbnails of images google finds on the web. Click on them to see the picture, and then click on "See Full Size Image" (or "See Image Only") to see only the image. Want to find horses? Type "horses." You may, however have to refine your search if you're looking for, say, Scott Baio in a canoe on the Rhine.

Sit on it, Chachi

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Can anyone tell me how to copy a quote??? Do we have to type it out? And how do we get that "originally posted by..." to appear.

I'm sure it's written here somewhere. I'm just too tired to do the research.

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If you look at the lower, right hand side corner of the post you want to quote, you'll find the word "quote." Click that and you'll get the post and the statement that it was originally posted by "whoever." I know you can quote a small part of the post, because other people do it, so I'll watch for your answer!
Of course, you can just delete what you don't want, as long as you leave the word "Quote" at the beginning and end.
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At the bottom right of each post you'll find the edit/delete or the quote button. Click on quote and you'll be taken to a new screen to start your post.

Once the quote opens in the new window, just delete the portion you don't want to quote.

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Originally posted by Russian Blue
At the bottom right of each post you'll find the edit/delete or the quote button.

Yay! I did it. Geesh....that was sooooo easy!

I was clicking on the quote button right under the COLOR button above and then re-typing the words.....a thing of the past. I now know how to quote properly!

Thanks for your help Kassandra and Jeanie!
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Please help!!!!!!!!

I still haven´t figured out how to post pics
And I REALLY want everyone to see mt widdle baby

I've tryed the IMG thing, and the copy and paste thing and even the attach thing and I can´t do it.

Please Please help.............
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Lulu, in case you haven't seen it, check out the thread How to Post Pictures in the New Cats forum. I tried to make these instructions as useful as possible. (Unless you are using a Mac, then I have no clue!)

If you've tried all that, you can send the pics you want posted to someone here who can post them for you. I had to do that the first time until I figured it out! If you want to do that, PM me and I'll send you my email address.
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I am so sorry for sounding like a dummy but I have followed the instructions on these posts and still cant get my pics to show on my posts! I go into browse on attach and fint the file I want and click open and the location showes in the box but when I preview the post it dose not show!!!!!!!!!! Please someone help me!!!!!!! Thank you
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I dont know too much about it. But I have trouble if the file size is too big.
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If you are attaching a photo by using the browse button, it will not show up in your preview post. It will only show up if you link your photo.

If you want, you can send me your pictures and I can size them & post them for you. My email addy is michendorf@yahoo.com
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Thank you but I would realy like to know how to do this myself. I have remote linked some pics but is there anyway to get them to show and not the url? I posted in New cats on the block: Please get to know my babies,yesterday. You can go and see what I am talking about. It is in a reply under: Heres the pics I promised. Any help you can give is appreciated. Head bumps and purrs

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Shannon - I think all you need to do is replace your [url] tags with the [img][/img] tags. You want the [img] at the very beginning of the picture's address, and the [/img] at the very end of it, without any spaces.

Hope that helps!
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I noticed that in the bottom left corner under rules that it said html off. Do I need to enable this to view my photos on a post? And how do I do that?I changed the url to img and it still showes like web address.I even saved it to my desktop and tryed to attach from there but it did not work.Thank you for all your help!

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HTML should be off, vB Code should be on.

The majority of the problems with attaching a picture with the Browse button is because the picture is too big. All sides have to be smaller than 400 pixels, AND it has to be smaller than 33 KB. JPEGs are generally smaller than GIFs so try saving it as a JPEG. Also, like Shell said, if you Preview your post the Attachment goes away so you have to re-attach it if you preview.

The easiest way to post pics is really with the remote linking. Sign up for a free account with www.imagestation.com, upload your pics there (it's really easy and they pretty much walk you though it), when you have your picture uploaded in an album right click on it, select Properties, and in the Properties box is a web address. Select and copy that address, click the IMG button when you are posting and paste the address from Imagestation. You can preview your reply with this option to make sure the picture shows up.
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