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In my opinion I hope Linux rules the world.
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When reading all this clever questions , I feel like a complete PC-analphabetic .... So much things I do not know nor understand .!! I do not even know how to "copy and paste" ....
Can this been explained please ??? Thanks !!!!
:homer: ???????????
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Sidney, the Cat. I can't believe this! I can actually answer a question on this thread. If you want to copy something, click your left mouse button and hold it down while you draw the mouse across the words you want to copy, an address, or something you want to quote. The words will become highlighted. Then hold down the key that says ctrl (control) and hit the letter "c" for copy. That information is now "stored." When you get to the place you want to post that information, click the left mouse button, then hold down ctrl and hit the letter "v". I can't think of a word to go with v, except for viscosity. (I guess you could think of the viscosity of paste.) After hitting the letter "v" every thing you highlighted will appear in the new place.
So, it's : 1. Click left button; hold down to highlight desired information 3. Ctrl and then C 4. Click the left button at the new place. 5. Ctrl and V I hope that helps.
By the way, your English is excellent. I don't think many Americans have heard the word, "analphabetic." We usually say "illiterate." Your vocabulary is amazing!
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Highlight the text you want to copy and paste. Once it is highlighted, use the button on the right side of your mouse to click on the text. A pop-up menu will appear with these words, undo, cut, copy, paste, delete. Use the mouse button on the left side to click on the word copy. Then place your cursor at the location where you want to paste the text. Click the button on the right side of the mouse again and the same pop-up menu will appear. Use the button on the left side to click on the word paste and the text you want to paste will appear.
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I scanned my pictures, but the file size on every picture is way to big. How can I make the files smaller?
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Do you have any picture editing programmes?
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You can use the paint program under the accessories button ........
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Click "edit" and a drop-down menu appears. On this menu, click "image size". A window will open and you can adjust the size on that. At least, that's how mine works. Took me a while to figure it out, too.
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I'll try to explain it as easy as possible. There a lots of different photo editing programs out there...I use Adobe Photoshop I think they all have some similar features, maybe just in a different language.

I'll put a screen shot of what to look for below. You should be able to figure it out ok. If not... let me know what program you are using and I'll take a look at it.

If you want your picture to look really nice…here's a formula I always stick with:

Scanner Settings:
Resolution - 300dpi
Size - 100%
Mode - RGB

• After scanning is done, save the file as a TIFF or JPEG.

• When you open your scan in a photo editing program… look through you menu items for the word Image. If you find it, look for the words Image Size. In the Image Size window, look for the words Constrain Proportions and Resample Image - make sure they ARE selected. .

• There should be another box in the same window that showing the Width and Height (Pixel Dimensions) . Look for the larger number (makes no difference) and type in 400 pixels. Then Click OK. (By selecting the Constrain Proportions feature—this keeps your picture in proportion automatically-hence; you'll see the values change for the height when you are adjusting the width—vise versa)

As you probably know, this forum requires that the image is no larger than 400 x 400 with a maximum size of 33240 bytes or approx. (33k)

To make it really simple, I just save smaller than that number (33k)...Example: I stay at 31k and under. Also remember that your pictures do not HAVE to be precisely 400 x 400... There are times my pics are 400 x 308 or 300 x 250...just so it's under 400 x 400 (Height and Width) . Of course, the catsite's software will let you know, too by alerting you that the pic's too large, etc...smarty pants catware!

• Choose FILE then Save As or Save then name your picture as a JPEG. In the same window that you are saving your file in, If you see the words Maximum, Minimum, Low or Low, Medium High Try to save it as Medium or Low

I hope this was helpful. By the way, what kind of computer do you have? Do you know if you're using Windows 95 or 98 or is you're on a Mac are you using OS 8, 9 or OS X? the reason I am asking is because there may be an easier application online that you can download...I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya!

Good Luck! >^,,^< Kim
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Kim I am using windows 98se, I scanned my pictures on a visioneer scanner. I have two different photo programs, Microsoft Picture It and Adobe Photo Deluxe. I will try your steps and see if I can get it to work. It may be a few days because I am going out of town. I will let you know. Thanks for the help.
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Cool! :eye&mouth You have Adobe Photo Deluxe! That's even better. That slick little program is very "automated" ...driven by launchers that tell you what to do for every step.

It will be a lot easier to edit and size your pictures in that program verses how I described it above. Since I do this for a living...I purposely disable my launchers mostly because I want to be in CONTROL !! My way of re sizing may seem complicated to some folks...hopefully not...who the heck knows? <grin>

Really, it's just math. If anything, most photo editing software is designed using the same basic concept. The only hindrance that I see occasionally, is the language barrier—each manufacturer has their own way of telling you how to do it.

We Mac users have Control, Option and Command Keys on our keyboard where PC people have Control and Alt keys, etc..... Overall, both keyboards do the exact same thing... just in a different language. (Back in the old days...Macs and PC's were not so accommodating)

Enough of my endless chatter! No wonder my YMCA Indian Guide name is Babbling Brook!


I am glad you have Photo Deluxe!
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Your explanation for resizing pics was about the best I have ever seen! I think I will merge this entire thread into the computer questions thread.
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I have come to the conclusion that I need a photo-quality printer. My HPdeskjet656c is adequate for text jobs but, I have a lot of family photos that I would like to reproduce, before they deteriorate.

Radio Shack has a Compaq 2400x1200 dpi printer, with 16MB built-in memory, for $99.99.

Is this a good printer? Should I spend more money or buy a different make and/or model?

Any and all input, on this subject will be appreciated.
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I'm using a Epson Stylus Photo 810 and it's great for photos if you use glossy paper. My only annoyance about it the wait time for it to start, so if you're in a rush for things you'll become impatient. Beside that it's a great little printer and you can use 3rd party ink cartridges and they are alot cheaper.
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Hi Cindy,

Well here's my opinion. I LOVE EPSON! As a graphic designer, I can recommend that brand of printer with confidence. I have owned three...currently, I have the Epson Stylus Photo 1280. I got the 1280 because it is a wider format printer...prints enormous.

Anyway, Epson makes several kinds of inkjet printers but the "Photo Stylus" printers are very different from a regular Epson and offer lots more. Here are some of the Photo Printers:EPSON Stylus Photo 820, 785EPX, 890, 1280

The big difference between Epson and other inkjets is that they have six die-based inks. The output is incredibly smooth.

Another cool feature is the BorderFree photo printing, enabling edge-to-edge borderless photo prints on almost every media size from 4 by 6 to 11 by 14. (Depends on what model you get)

Unlike other inkjets (and I haven't seen one yet) The Epson's color is "right on" and that's what makes your photo's look very realistic. Example: Sky is really "sky blue" instead of a very unrealistic Funky Blue. A lot of ink jets only have RGB in their ink tanks where Epson has CMYK plus photo cyan and photo magenta for brighter photo prints.

Color photo's from film cameras are processed CMYK .....

PLUS the Epson Stylus Photo series have the Micro Piezo Variable Sized Droplet method of ink management (capable of precise 4-picoliter droplet size for maximum detail) The resolution is BEYOND superb. 2800 dpi.

Also, there is no banding, at all. The gradations are continuous tones across even the largest prints. This printer is one slick puppy! The Epson Stylus Photo printers print so perfectly clear that I hard find a single imperfection even with a magnifying glass.

Not only are these six inks more light resistant but, when used with Quality photo paper, they are water resistant as well...and my clients LOVE LOVE LOVE that! (I do photo retouching and restorations..so that is an awesome feature)

Hope I didn't sound too much like an Epson commercial.

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Thanks. I did some surfing and research and I can get the 820, for the same price as the Compaq. I'm going to check them out, at Best Buy. I've had better luck and gotten better prices, than other places. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles, just enough to do personal photos.
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Here is an excellent program which is very easy to use and even better, its free!! Enjoy !!

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I have noticed that some people are able to direct someone to a link by having only one word underlined, such as "here". Then you click the word "here" and go to the site. How is that done?
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Jeanie, that's a pretty cool little feature of this site, it makes doing hyperlinks very easy. Just click on the http:// button at the top of this screen, just below the B (bold), I (italic) and U (underline). In the first window enter the text you want to appear as your hyperlink (i.e. here), then in the next screen either type or paste the www address you want the link to.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks, Heidi! That's so slick! It's no easier, I guess, but I just like it! And I like to know how to do these things.
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Jeanie, at the top of the lounge forum there is a sticky from Anne that says "new to the forums...." Click there, and there are directions on how to do the hyperlinks, and other cool stuff too.

Just thought that might help anyone who is looking to learn how to do that.
Here it is.
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ok, I have some way cute pics of my girls I'd like to post (I'd like to put one or two in the captions contest) but I have no idea how. I can get them into the computer, onto a disk, and even into an email, but after that I'm clueless. what do I do??????
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To post a picture here, the size has to be less than 400x400 pixels, and less than 33Kb. On this page (page 5 of this thread) about 1/2 way down, KimWard gives really good directions on how to edit the size of the picture. To post it directly from your computer to the forums, click on the Browse button at the bottom of this box by the Attach File box. Then find your picture on your computer that has been resized, and click Open in that window. Then, Submit Reply like usual. If the picture is too big, you will get a message at that time. Note, you can preview to make sure it's the right pic, etc., but you will have to re-attach the picture when you submit the reply to the forum. One of the little quirks is that if you preview it, it erases the location of your pic in the box below.

For the Caption This! forum, just email the pics you want to submit to anne@thecatsite.com. She then goes through them, resizes them, etc. and passes them on to Deb25 to put up in the forums. I'm sure she has received hundreds of cute kitty pics to choose from by now, so we just have to wait until they show up on the forum. What a rough job that must be - going through all those kitty pics!

Hope this helps!
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I read the "new to forum"-but how do I get an avator under my name?
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To get an avatar go into your User CP, and click the Edit Options. At the very bottom, there is your Avatar options. You have limited options as a Kitten, you get more as you post more. I think you can create your own once you hit 100 posts (in order to save some space on the server, they made it so you have to stick around a while ) There are still a lot of avatars you can choose from, though, even as a kitten.
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thanks valanhb,
I am sooooo new to this computer thing-only touched a computer for the first time August 13.
addicted to it-can't get enough! Hope I did the avatar thing right.
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If you wanted a little yellow box with a white kitty, you did it just right! Glad I could help! Don't be afraid to ask any questions here, whether with cats, computers, etc. We all started somewhere.
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Does anyone know of any sites that animated gif files can be uploaded to and mirrored to this site? I sometimes find animations that I like, but the various sites they are on require that they are downloaded before they can be used.
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How do I get a picture into my signature? I've figured out how to attach a picture to the posts, which also means I've figured out how to resize them. I've also figured out how to use my own avatar. But I just can't figure out how to get a picture into the signature!!!!! HEELLLLPPPP!!!

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In answer to both Lorie and Laurie's questions, I think you have to have a web site (of your own) to host the images. If the site you found it on doesn't allow remote viewing, then you can either save it to your computer and attach it like a normal pic or you would have to have access to another site that allows remote viewing where you can put it. I'm pretty sure that the pics in the signature have to be online and linked, but I'm not 100% on that one.
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