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Thank you. Will try to put this together and hope to get pictures on eventually.
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All right! If you laugh, I'm not going to tell you. Promise? OK--Guess what I got for my birthday? The Complete Idiot's Guide to Computer Basics by Joe Kraynak. My daughter, who teaches a course in using computers, said it was really comprehensive, more than the "Dummy" series. The price was $19.95 US and $29.95 in Canada. On the cover page is ALPHA, a Pearson Education Company. This book covers everything from setting it up to "speaking like a geek." There are 408 pages of simple instructions. No, I'm not getting a cut; I'm just excited! I hope this helps some others who are "computer challenged." Between that book and this thread, I should be set.
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Thanks, for the tip, Jeanie. I'm not ashamed to admit that I don't know how to do something. I'll check Barnes & Noble or Borders' for this.
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Every time anyone replies to a thread I've posted in, I get an email telling me that. I went to my options and clicked the "no" about these notifications, but I'm still getting these emails. what do I do? with this alphabet game thread responded to so often, I'm getting email way too often for my liking. help! (please)
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Nathalie, I delete all the notices except the most recent. You'll still see all of the entries. Also, you can "unsubscribe" to the thread by clicking that option at the bottom of the e-mail. That thread is an exception to the other threads; everyone participates now, and we are not answering anyone in particular; we are answering everyone. With most threads you would be more interested in seeing what people are answering in response to your post, especially if you started the thread. I might be wrong, but I believe you checked a box saying that you did not want the members to e-mail you personally. The notifications about threads are computer generated automatically-if you subscribe to the thread.
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I'm so confused.
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I'm sorry I confused you, Nathalie. When you filled out your profile, you checked a box that said you did not want any of the CatSite members to be able to reach you personally by e-mail. That means if I want to tell you something that I don't want anyone else to read I cannot send you a personal e-mail. That's all it means. It protects your privacy. A member can send you a private message, which stays here, but not an e-mail.

Separate from a personal email is notification that someone has responded to a thread, or subject in which you have shown interest. Let's say you have a problem with your cat's behavior, and you need advice. You would start a new thread (a subject-with your name on it) asking your question, and hope to get replies-(posts). Every time someone replied the computer would automatically tell you that someone had replied to your personal problem. You would welcome that notification, and would come to the CatSite to get each new answer. So far, this is only the second answer you have received, and you needed more than one to clarify the answer, so you're probably glad I answered again. Sometimes people get only one answer; sometimes, if the question is controversial or very interesting to almost everyone, twenty to 100 people might answer!

If you reply to someone else's question, you are subscribing to his thread. If you lose interest in that subject, just click the line which says you wish to unsubscribe to that thread (separate subject). You will no longer be notified of new replies.

The alphabet game is not a problem that someone needs to solve; it's just a fun pass-time for us. Many more people answer, because it takes only a minute, and your answer can be one word. Therefore, you will get notified every time someone comes up with a new answer. If you do not want to be notified, click the "unsubscribe" line. Unfortunately, if you play again, the computer will again start notifying you of each answer. You will have to click "unsubscribe" to the first notification you receive every time you have added a word to the game. Or, do what I do. Let these particular notifications pile up; open the most recent one, and just delete all the other alphabet game notifications. I hope I was more clear this time!
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Nathalie....try this.....go to the user cp tab at the very top of this page...it is the first one...click on that...then go to the top of that page and click on the edit options tab....then scroll down until you see....

"Use e-mail notification by default" and select "no".

This should eliminate this problem, if it is working correctly.

Don't forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom after that, and click on "submit modifications" or it won't work.
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I couldn't keep up with all the email notifications so I changed my selection to no for this option, "Use e-mail notification by default." Recently, I changed my mind again and changed my selection back to yes and also clicked the submit modifications button. I'm still not receiving any email notifications so something must not be working right.
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Debbie and Lorie, I'm glad you answered this question. I think I misunderstood her problem!
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That is odd, Lori...maybe you could try it again...just click back to no, then back to yes again, and hit submit modifications again, and see if it works this time...I don't know if that will do any good. Might have to talk to Anne or Sandie if it doesn't.
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I'll try again using your advice, thanks Debby.
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Originally posted by Nathalie
Every time anyone replies to a thread I've posted in, I get an email telling me that. I went to my options and clicked the "no" about these notifications, but I'm still getting these emails. what do I do? with this alphabet game thread responded to so often, I'm getting email way too often for my liking. help! (please)

I had this problem too. Although you have now checked "no" as to receiving email notification, you will continue to receive them on threads that you had replied to while the option was active. You have to "unsubscribe" to each of these threads individually. I'd give you precise instructions, but I went through this so long ago that I don't remember precisely how to do it.
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Did some surfing and price comparisons: WalMart has the "Complete Idiot's Guide" for $15.95 + S&H = $18 and change. I'm going to see of they have it in the store, first. If not, I'll order it, off the website. Even with S&H, that's cheaper than Barnes & Noble or Amazon.
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I have paint and it says if you have never opened or saved a gif. you may need to do the following... click file.. open.. and set the files of type to all files. Then it says to find a gif to open but when I follow those instructions there's only 2 documents that come up and they're not gif.

Am I supposed to look else where?

Here's the page with the instructions. Make a smiley
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In regards to Nathalies question there is another option to NOT receive the email notifications. Directly under where you type your reply, there is a spot w/ about 4 options about "smilies on or off" etc. One of them is if you want email notifications sent. Just unclick the check mark when you don't want an email about that thread. This way is the best way in my opinion because you can get notified w/ certain ones and not with others. Its your choice. Hope it helps some.
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Daniela....that's a good way to do it...I hadn't even thought of that...duh!

I have a question....I received the cutest e-mail today....it is a link to a real player clip....it has a cat in it, and it is so funny...but how do I copy that link to post it here? All it says is goal.mpeg (no actual website link)

I have tried to copy it, but it won't let me. I'm sure it is easy....but I just can't seem to figure it out.
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It's fixed! Thanks everybody. I don't really know what I did, but I'm not getting email every 10 minutes. thanks!
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I tried to email Anne a funny cat picture for her new contest. When I clicked the send button I got this error message:

The host 'hcinet.net' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. Account: 'hcinet.net', Server: 'hcinet.net', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 11001, Error Number: 0x800CCC0D

I have this problem off and on when I send email, and always get this error message. Does anyone know why?
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Is it safe to use Windex to clean my computer screen? I dust with canned air because I was told that static is bad for computers. However, I have kitty paw prints on the screen and need to know what is safe to get them off.
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I have been told that it is safe to use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean all computer surfaces including the screen. The rubbing alcohol evaporates very quickly and won't damage the electronics. I have actually used this on the computers at home and never had a problem. There are also commercial products especially made for electronics available in stores.
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Cindy...I use Windex on mine, but I spray it on the cloth first, then just wipe the screen off...I haven't had a problem with it.
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On most outer services I use a polish of some sort, usually a stuff called Pledge. Just put a small amount onto your cloth and rub gently bently.

My major problem is at shutdown, the PC hangs and gives me the Blue screen of death with no error message, just a blinking gray square. Does anyone know whats causing this?

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I got the "Complete Idiot's Guide" today. I'm on Chapter 10 and, already have the most pressing of my problems solved. Jeanie, thanks for the tip. Once I master the basics, I'm buying the guide to WindowsXP.
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ARGH XP, I'm still using 98, I'd 'downgrade' to XP but there seems to be a few issues with it and I have enough trouble with 98
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I solved the 'Windows not shutting down problem'! It turned out that the sound that plays on shutdown can become corrupt, not the sound itself, but the protocol that runs it. If you make it so that no sound plays at all on Shutdown the problem goes away. Stupid computers, I had less hassle with my calculator.
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I have to say, we have had very good luck with Windows XP. Hubby has had it installed for quite a while with no major problems, like he did have with EVERY other version of Windows. The biggest problem with XP is that Microsoft wants it to report back every so often, so it's like having spyware built into the OS (Operating System). You can turn it off, but you have to really know your way around to do it. Stupid Microsoft.
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I'm a computer dummy and this is my first computer. I haven't had any trouble, with XP. Some of the help wizards are confusing but, the book that I bought has helped.
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A Server is a computer that provides disk space,printers,or other servicesto computers over a network.

The program that serves as your front end to the World Wide Web on the Internet. In order to view a site, you type its address (URL) into the browser's Location field; for example, www.computerlanguage.com, and the home page of that site is downloaded to you. The home page is an index to other pages on that site that you can jump to by clicking a "click here" message or an icon. Links on that site may take you to other related sites.

Browsers have a bookmark feature that lets you store references to your favorite sites. Instead of typing in the URL again to visit the site the next time, you select one of the bookmarks.

Although Mosaic was the browser that put the Web on the map, the two major browsers today are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Navigator and Internet Explorer each vie for top recognition by introducing new features and functions that fragment Web sites into competing camps. When a site says "best viewed by Netscape Navigator" or "best viewed by Internet Explorer," it means that the pages were programmed for that particular browser. Using the other browser will ignore some of the page's fancy features until a subsequent release supports them. See World Wide Web, HTML and microbrowser.
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Right click on the pic you want to re-size and then click on edit..You should get the paint program from windows.On the top click on image then attributes.You can type in the size you want.
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