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Originally posted by Nathalie
Every time anyone replies to a thread I've posted in, I get an email telling me that. I went to my options and clicked the "no" about these notifications, but I'm still getting these emails. what do I do? with this alphabet game thread responded to so often, I'm getting email way too often for my liking. help! (please)
Same here same here
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If you reply to someone else's question, you are subscribing to his thread. If you lose interest in that subject, just click the line which says you wish to unsubscribe to that thread (separate subject). You will no longer be notified of new replies.
this has answered my question then before I even asked..
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I have a problem with computer mice: after a short time, they feel "loose" and I don't seem to have the control, that I want. I have tried several different brands (the one that came with the computer was defective) and this seems to happen with all of them.

I am considering an optical mouse. Before I spend the extra money, though, I want to know if they are any good and if some brands are better than others?
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Cindy, I have a Kensington optical mouse, and I've had it for a couple years now. It works great! I also use it for graphics editing for doing the Caption This Postcards and Save Samoa & Stray Pet Advocacy, and have all the control I need. No jumping that sometimes happens with the ball mouses. I HIGHLY recommend optical mouses!
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I'll second that! I love my optical mouse. No more skipping due to dirty rollers!
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Thanks. I'll have to keep limping along, until the first of the month but, I'll get one, then.
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This is what I found on
I've been thinking about getting one too. Just thought I'd share what I found with you!
Walmart Search
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Thanks, Shell. I checked at Target, today. They don't have much of a selection. I want to see what Best Buy has, too. Target has the Microsoft Blue, at $34.99 - a bit more than WalMart.
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This is what I found at Best Buy. Plus right now they have free shipping on all online orders.
BestBuy Online
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And optical mouse may improve you're mousing ability, and is something all cat people should have IMHO. Mainly because of having no ball to roll up loose hair. I would also recomend a wireless one, logitech makes a very nice, but expensive, recharable wireless one. But the cheaper ones will still be nice for you. The one thing I will warn you about is dpi! Be very cautious when you see a 15 dollar mouse, read the box and find the DPI if its not over 600 you wont be happy sence that is what you're having issues with

The eye refresh's based of a dot per inch method the faster the refresh the more movement is recorded. The one that Michelle linked is 800dpi and a VERY good choice however if you can use the program listed below untill you can save for this: you might be happier it has back and foward buttons on the thumb, page up and page down buttons above and below the wheel, and a recharable stand. Wireless so kitty wont think you're trying to play

HOWEVER, from reading your post it seems that this isnt an issue right off the bat for you and sence it has crossed with you from machine to machine I would lean more on possible ram bleed. Especially if you still use win98. Memory, especially RAM has a tendency to not refresh, ie when you load a program, then close it, it ramins resident in your RAM for a period, slowing your overall thruput or swap ability. You can at least try this theory for FREE

No I am not part of this software, no i am not trying to drum up usage for this software. I am a computer tech by trade and this is what i use Because it's free, simple and fast.

I think you should still buy an optical mouse, but reading your earlier posts this might be a viable alternative until you have the funds

BTW hi, i'm new to the boards and a recently inducted cat person: Two 2 month old mynx/taby boys.
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Problem - I hope someone has a solution. I've been posting pics and gifs with no problem since I joined the site. All of a sudden a couple of days ago my posts won't take! I'm not doing anything different. It starts to go through, then I get a big white screen "Web site cannot be reached". Then I click off of that screen and it throws me out of Cat Site. I wonder why this sudden change of not being able to post? Thanks a bunch to anyone who can advise me.
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yeah same here...

how do you post multiple pictures in one post?

sometimes I'll post pics and it'' say its too big even though I've re-sized it less than 254pix by 254?
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Originally posted by RHbarb
Problem - I hope someone has a solution. I've been posting pics and gifs with no problem since I joined the site. All of a sudden a couple of days ago my posts won't take! I'm not doing anything different. It starts to go through, then I get a big white screen "Web site cannot be reached". Then I click off of that screen and it throws me out of Cat Site. I wonder why this sudden change of not being able to post? Thanks a bunch to anyone who can advise me.
I haven't seen that before...I haven't had that problem ever. Are you attaching the photos by the browse button or are you linking the photos from another site like imagestation?
I've doing both lately with out any problems.
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The only way you can "attach" multiple photos is by linking the pictures from another site like imagestation. You can not attach more than one photo when you use the browse button.
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Also, when you link the pic's from another site it doesn't matter how big the pic is. When you attach the pic from the browse button, it stores that pic on this site & that's why it has to be so small. I've noticed that I can make a pic fairly small & it still won't attach. It's mainly because it's got to be under 30KB. I have no idea what KB's are, but I just always make sure I crop the photos dead place out & it usually drops the KB's to under 30.

Does that make any sense at all?
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OHHHHH!!! What's imagestation? I think I signed up but after they gave Sicy problems with her video link I banned them..
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Most of the members here still use Imagestation. They really don't like you linking the photos, but they don't throw too many fits about it. It was the video thing that Sicy got banned for. Apparently they had some issues about that!

Imagestation is free & you can store a ton of pic's on there. Once you've downloaded all the pics you want, you can put them into albums or you can just keep them in the storage bin. Once you pick the picture you want to link, click on the individual picture. It will open a new screen, then right click on the pic, & copy the URL. Then come here to the message & click on the IMG button above the message. Paste the copied url in there & click ok. Then it should be on your message & in theory it should work. You can put as many pic's you want in each message by using the remote linking option. That's what most of us it's a lot easier for the board.

Hope that can get started with imagestation by going to
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I've read almost every post in this thread and it seems that everyone uses a PC computer. Isn't there anyone out there that uses a Macintosh? I have a Mac OS 9 and OS X system, I'm still getting use to the OS X as it is fairly new. I love my Mac! About the only problem I have is trying to create a website as it is basically for PC use only. I guess the only question I have is why can't we use HTML on this site?

Any Macintosh users please come forward!

I also just found out after I posted this that my link to my photos isn't working, anyone have any ideas as to why?
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You might want to get a hold of Deb25, Kimward or Momof10cats (I think they all have Mac's). I'm sure they could help you out!
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Thanks for the info Michelle. I've PM'd Deb25 but no response yet. I'm still looking for kimward and momof10cats.
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
Sometimes we hear the same term over and over, and can't figure it out-even in context. Exactly what is a server? And please define browser. I know it has something to do with the address bar, but is it Microsoft? I know; it's a miracle I find my way around the internet at all!! For what do the initials url stand, and why can I read attachments that say jpeg, but not some others? And why do some attachments have to be downloaded, while others just open immediately? OK, I'll leave you alone for a while now. Thanks.
Oh my, where to start. Ok

Server: the computer on a network that supplies all the other computers with their log in information (the head honcho). It could supply the Internet connection as was previously suggested. That would make it an Internet Service Provider or ISP. It could also supply login information or applications that the client computers use.

Browser: A program that allowes a computer to surf the Internet. It could be Microsoft as is in the case of Internet Explorer. But there is also Netscape Navigator or Mozilla and about a hundred others to choose from.

URL: was already defined.

You can read some attachments and not others probably because of your virus protection or your email program settings. Some attachments can and often are viruses so your virus protection will block them. Jpegs are picture files and generally are harmless. An EXE file or VBS file can and most likely is a virus so if you open it, it executes a program into your computer and Bye bye hard drive (the main storage facility on your computer).

Hope this helps.
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Since the changeover, I can't get pictures to attach. My picture is the right size but, when I hit "upload", I get "cannot find server". Am I doing something wrong?
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Can anyone help me with the dowload faliar?

Thank you,

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