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Cat moved 1 kitten away... ??? Help!!

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Our barn cat had kittens yesterday and we couldnt find where she had them... today i went out to feed her and after she ate i followed her to her kittens, i stayed back a fair distance but i heard them cry when she went in to see them. 30 seconds later she came out with on in her mouth and carried it far away from the other kittens...
was this a distraction to get me away from her other ones?? Will she put him back with the other ones??
I'm new to kittens so i'm just worried and want to make sure the lonely one is going to be ok!!
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they all need to be with their mom. if she is seperating the litter it probably means that there is something wrong with it. also the kittens need to be in a warm, draft free, noise free, dark room. is your shed a good place for them to be? it is probably better if you move them inside. as for what to do with the seperated kitten i am not sure. some one else can answer that. but if they are only a few days old they need to be with the mom cat so they can feed and keep warm. are you planning to spay your cat after the kittens are weaned? good luck.
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The one she took away did she stay with that one or the otheres.. Might have to bottle feel the others..
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I'm no expert at all, but my cat did this to her kittens a few days ago. However, my cat went back and forth between the kitten and the litter to feed them all. After a couple of hours or so I put the seperated kitten back with the litter. They've been fine ever since. I have no idea why my cat did that. lol
If she stops feeding the kitten then my guess would be that it is sick too like the other person said. I just you should just watch and see how she treats the other one.
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Ideally you would bring her and the babies inside, then you can watch them closely. Otherwise, try to put the one kitten back in with the others. Hopefully she will accept him. If she keeps separating them, take the one she is abandoning, and bottle feed it.

Remember she can get pregnant again within about 1 week of giving birth. So when the kittens are about 6 weeks old, take her to the vet to be spayed. I used to allow my barn cats to have kittens, too, but I do have some ugly stories to tell of kittens and cats dying...I now only have spayed and neutered pets!
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Well good news... by the end of the night she had moved all her kittens to this other area.. we just left her for a while and came back at the end of the night and they were all there!! Thank god, i was hoping there was nothing wrong with it. They are in a safer location now and we have set up a box with blankets and everything in a good location for her and when i checked this morning they were all there safe and sound. However there are big thunderstorms here in southern ontario today with tornado warnings in some parts so i'm thinking i am going to bring them in the house very soon to keep an eye on them!
Thanks for your help everyone.. this is the first time we have had kittens so were new to this!
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I think you should get them in the house now... Never know when the storm will creep up and well the house is always safer...
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how are the kittens today?
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