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Best Way to Feed Adult Cat & Kitten???

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A little background: I have a cat, Lilly, who turned 1 in March, and now eats adult cat food. This weekend, I adopted a little 11-week old boy, Teddy, who obviously eats kitten food.

Teddy is currently isolated, and both cats are doing fine. My question is in anticipation of when they have been introduced & Teddy is allowed to roam the house.

What's the best way to deal with feeding them, since Teddy is eating kitten food and Lilly has adult food? They both get wet food in the evening, and I'm not anticipating that will be a problem, since they both love it and I think they'll each be focused on their own food.

My question is more about dry food- right now, I free-feed both of them. Is it a big deal if one eats the others' food, or vice versa? Does it not really matter? Should I try to get them both on a dry food feeding schedule, instead of free-feeding?

I plan to ask the vet about this when Teddy goes in for his next round of shots in about a week, but wanted opinions from anyone here who has experience with this.

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I hev always tried to feed them seperate, dry food for adults have acidifiers which try to prevent struvite crystal formation, but acidifiers might be bad for the development of your kittens bones (according to royal canin).

I fed my kittens in a feeding bench, I made the opening so small only the kittens could get at the kitten food. I put the adult food on top of a closet the kittens couldn't reach yet.
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at 1 year old your adult cat can still eat kitten food.

I have the same thing here. Bubbles is nearly 1 and Gizmo is 4 months. I feed them both half and half, as they always eat out of each other's bowls. At the moment I have pouches and I just fill each bowl with half a kitten pouch and when it's finished with half an adult pouch. They always seem to think that the food in the other cats bowl is better then theirs even though it contains the exact same food and they tend to switch bowls several times during feeding. So I gave up feeding them in seperate places (bubbles on the counter, Gizmo on the floor), and just put 2 bowls of the same food out.

There are some foods for all stages, allthough I have no idea how good that is for either stage. I have some here called "Oilly" now, but only Bubbles likes it, as the chunks are rather big.
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I have three cats right now - 16 years, 3 years, and about 2 years. They have separate eating areas for their canned food, and I've put a bowl of hard food, senior, next to Tigger's wet food bowl. She mostly only eats that, and I put the other dry food next to the communal water. It's sort of hit or miss, but I do notice her eating more out of her bowl, and the other two eating out of the communal bowl.

Now I can't wait until I get my kitten. We'll just see about that, because I know they ALL would prefer kitten dry food, LOL!
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