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Need Color help!!

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Hi All!!

I have a color question that I cannot seem to find the answer too.

I have a Blue persian male who is CPC. His mother was a himi & his father was a white persian.

I am going to be mating him to my seal/chocolate point himalayan. I am unsure what she is really, her papers say she is chocolate point, but when researching, her points look allot darker than average chocolate points & more like the seal point.

Does anyone have an idea of the colors the kittens will be?? I can find color charts everywhere. None that pertain to crossing persians & Himalayans. HELP! =) Thanks!
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You should get both solids and pointed with him being a CPC - probably blue and seal points and probably blue or black (if the female is seal and not chocolate) in solids.
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Thank you very much!!

Now is there a source for me to go look into if my girl is really a chocolate point or a seal? like pictures?
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I'd ask the breeder - or post a picture here.

I'm one of those Persian breeders who doesn't fully belive in mating Pointed Persians to other colours. We've got some beautiful Pointed's here in NZ.
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Is therea specific reason or just preferance?
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I guess it's just because I'm not a fan of CPC's.

W rarely see them over here - on the bench anyway. My Nana exported a Red Tabby CPC once - he was gorgeous but had a different look.
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I am a big fan of color points! I think they are absolutely beautiful!

I also on the other hand don't like the extreme faces on persians, that is why I love himalayans & CPC. In my experience, their faces are not as "extreme" as some call it.

So I guess that is kind of what you are talking about--(the face was different)
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I love the book "Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders & Veterinarians" though it is a bit of a rough go. Excellent reference on color/pattern genetics as well as disease/disorders.

A quick way out is the program listed below. The more you know of the genotype, the more complete the phenotype information will be. You can download a the free version from the company website.

Phenotype Predictor
├é┬ęTenset Technologies Ltd.

I used both of these in selecting our Siberian kittens, as I wanted a wide range of colors in the litters.

best, tom

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