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Snickers ate stiches???

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Well it looks as though Snickers ate her stitches from being fixed on Friday AM. She is still closed but its not tight like it was and I dont see the stiches anymore. My question is can I just watch her and watch for infection or do I need to take her back in? I wonder if they would even restitch her at this point?
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Your best bet it to call the vet. Phenom pulled her stitches out and it looked as if she was opening back up so we call our vet and he said to just keep an eye on it and if anything else happened to give them another call. She was fine. But to be on the safe side call the vet and ask them.
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Thanks........ I figured Id call but wanted to see what everyone else thought too.
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I am sure everyone else will tell you to call the vet. If you are ever in doubt call the vet first.
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I would also call the vet but immediately I would try putting butterfly bandages on it. Not regular bandages, they're too sticky, but those thing you use to hold a wound that needs stitches shut until you get to the er. They have two sticky ends and then the middle is usually just plastic that isn't sticky. And then get her to the vet.
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It may not be that the cat ate them. I know that some stitches used on people nowadays dissolve or fall out naturally. If the vet hadn't told you you'd need to come back to have the stitches removed, that is probably the case with these.
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It hasn't been long enough for either to happen in a good way. The spay was on Friday, and this cat still needs her stitches. It's only been three full days, not even long enough for a papercut to heal. If you've ever had major surgery, three days is really not long enough for the stitches to dissolve- Zissou's stitches were, and they took weeks to dissolve, as they're supposed to- and I've never heard of stitches that fall out on their own but if they do it should also take a few weeks.
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Thanks everyone!! I called the clinic that spayed her and I have an appt tomorrow am at 8. They said the stitches are inside of her so I wont necessarily see them but I still think the one side of where they opened her is open and not as closed as the other side. So better to be safe than sorry.

Thanks again
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Took Snickers and they glued her belly back shut. They said she was overactive hence why it came open some. No infection they said so that is good.
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Better play it safe! Great that you took her back to vet! Snickers!
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Now that you mentiopn the stiches being on the inside too I remember Phenom has two sets of stitches. They did the inside and the outside!! Glad to hear everything is okay!!
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