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Help! Cats beating up on my cat!

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Hello to all! I'm new here and I'm looking for some info. 2 separate neighborhood cats, from 2 separate owners, are coming into our yard. They are attacking my cat in our yard. Practically on our front porch. One is a unfixed male the other is a female, reproductive status unknown. Both run from me when I see them because I have chased them off so many times. We have only lived here about 4 months. Both, I am 99% sure have owners. The male has attacked one of the other neighbor's cat. These two cats come looking for my cat. The other stray/feral cats (there is a population down the street), stay away from the yard. My cat was attacked by the female last night. My husband chased her off. My cat had a bloody ear and some other punctures. This is the fifth set of injuries! I am at a lost at what to do. If my cat was the problem, the fights would not be taking place in my yard. I know they might eventually work it out. These two cats obviously have territory issues. And the tom is a mess from obviously a lifetime of fighting. What to do????? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!!
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All you can do is keep your cat inside where hes safe..
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Keep him inside, or learn to take him out wearing a harness and walk him around for a while.
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Yes, you should keep him within your house, and perhaps acquire a catfence to keep the unfriendlies away.
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The only way to keep your cat safe is to keep your cat indoors.
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I would keep them indoors and then trap the male and female who are beating your up and get them fixed at a low cost clinic so that behavior hopefully stops and they quit terrorizing the other cats in the neighborhood. You can't really blame them, that is what comes naturally with instinct. All you can do is trap them and take care of them yourself. It is up to the "owners" to take responsibility to stop their cats unwanted behaviors, if they don't then the cats are just going to go on doing what comes naturally.
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Please keep him in and only go out supervised on a harness leash...
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Keeping him inside is really not an option. He was a stray. He was living in a van on my neighbors property and killed to stay alive. In dire circumstances, he has used a litter box. But, he lived most of his life wild and prefers the outdoors. He is a little tiny guy. I assume it is from his poor diet from the first few years. And, he was probably born to feral parents as well. He has turned into the biggest lover. We can do anything to him. He even loves company. But, his life is outdoors. Most of the neighhood cats have learned to stay away because of him and me and my husband giving them hell. There is a huge feral cat population in this town. Besides the two that were bothering him, there is now another male that has come of age and has attacked him. The cat who have owners, no problem. They have their own territory, their yards. I am going to have to get a trap. I will get them fixed and try to get them to a no kill shelter. The one is really bad news. A middle aged feral tom. Unless someone with alot of land takes him on a shelter will be torture for him. I had a problem cat from the neighborhood fixed before. It solved the problem, but he had a owner. We'll see what happens! Thanks!
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One more thing! I don't blame the cats. I do blame irresponsible owners that threw their cats out on the street. I believe 100% in fixing any cats who wander on my property. Even strays will live longer if they are not fighting or having babies and it is the only way to keep the strays under control!.
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