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After a Bath - hilarious!

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Okay so this one is before the bath...still it's funny!

Misty on the back of a chair


Licking himself after the bath

Hanging out on the window pane

This one is SO funny!
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what sweet little kittys
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aww they are adorable!
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LOL Too cute
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Your babies look like my babies! How cute!
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They are so cute!
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Ahhhh....what clean little cutie pies.
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Their shining like a new pin!. Their gorgeous little fluff balls
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Hehe, great pics! Cat bath pics always give me the giggles~!
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utterly adorable <3
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Wow, what beautiful cats you have...They are breathtaking
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Awww, adorable cats!
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Aw mom why did you do that we just cleaned ourselves now we have to do it again...
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See don't you think they look a little alike? Have a great day!


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That last one could go in the captions forum!! I love the look she's giving! What cute kittens!
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AWWWWW What adorable kitties
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They DO look like my kitties! I hope Misty & Marbles will grow up to look like that <3
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AWWWWWWWWWWWW.. speaking of.. i need to bathe all my kitties.... oh no...
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