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Kitties Sharing food

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Hi all,

I have two kitties Phoenix(male,yellow and white DSH, 1 year) and Chocolate (Female, Brown and Black DSH 1 year, 4 months). I got Phoenix 9 months ago and Choco 4 months ago.

They get along fine, just usual tussling and stuff. Except when it comes to food. Phoenix is a pig and just eats and eats. Sometimes I don't think he is hungry. We have to put him up because he will snatch food off of your plate. Choco eats but not as much as Phoenix. Sometimes I put her in front of the bowl to get her to eat. If Phoenix comes near here when she eats, sometimes she will run away.
They share a bowl and eat together fine, its just that Phoenix is always eating and ends up eating Choco's portion.

Seperate bowls won't work because Phoenix thinks Choco has something he doesn't, so he go to the other bowl (Vice Versa). I tried to seperate them, but they get distressed for each other.

I just want to make sure that Choco is getting enough food.
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Ran into this big time with a new baby last year, and just had to stand there while others ate, and when the 'piggy' was finished, we immediately grabbed him and put him behind a door until the others finished. But he's now going on two, and has settled down a lot more, though will still go to an untended (unfinished) bowl when through with his own food, so we just put them in a cupboard for 15 mins. until the other cat(s) can finish theirs and watch like a hawk til they're done.
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