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Cat Confidence Problem

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I need some advice.
My cat is very confident around human beings and has been known to assert herself around anyone she finds intimidating. However, when it comes to other cats its quite a different story. Fairly recently, a siamese cat has joined the neighbourhood and she is constantly bothering my cat, coming into our garden and just generally being cheeky (to put it nicely). It's obvious that it bothers my cat Simon as she will run away or just give me a look which says 'arent you going to do somthing?'. I just wish there was some way Simon could be encouraged to be more assertive around other cats, or at least feel a little more at ease when they are around.
We believe that Simon was bullied by other cats in the past, in her previous home. Thats why she moved out...
Has anyone got any advice or views on this? She'll be going into the catery for a couple of weeks come holiday time and i hate the thought of her feeling scared of her cat neighbours there.
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She may just not be a dominant cat. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, it actually makes it more likely that she'll get along with other cats. As for being bullied in your neighborhood, why do you let her outside? Have you considered an enclosure or harness-training her instead?
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