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He wont drink!

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He has cat milk but turns his nose up to water even the teeniest bit!
I don't want him dehydrating i rub water on his mouth occasionally
Am I just fussing over nothing?
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my max used to hate water and would just drink catmilk so i tried to put a little bit of the milk with the water. i probably did it twice. he has not looked back since - now,he LOVES water .
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Who are we talking about a kitten? A cat? What age? Any health issues?
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12 week old kitten,no health problems just a bit stubborn I guess
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You may want to try a bigger bowl. I am not sure what size bowl you have now, but Melody only has one kidney so it is very important to keep her drinking. It used to be a hassle to get her anywhere near the water bowl, untill my husband moved in after we got married. He brought with him a dog bowl and we filled that with water since we have soo many kitties. It worked great and they all are always at the water bowl now and Melody's health has improved dramatically. If the bowl is too small and their whiskers touch the sides then I think they tend to shy away from it, but if there is plenty of room to "move" then they are fine. Just a thought you may want to try adding in some ice cubes to lure your kitten to the water bowl and make it something to play with as well, if nothing else, it get's him a little water on the paws to lick off!
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My cat used to hate water as a kitten. I bought a water fountain (DRINKWELL) and it worked magic!!!! He loves it! Water is always fresh and cold ( well, if you clean it at least time to time.. )
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My cats drink plenty of water so I dont have the same problem that you have but I know lots of people buy pet fountains to get their cats to drink more. I just bought mine a Catit pet fountain from amazon.com and they really like it, they've been drinking off the dome as well as from the bowl and it is supposed to be much easier to clean than the drinkwell fountain.
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I bought a Drinkwell cat fountain for Bella and Cinders after they became obsessed with running water. They absolutely love it and definitely drink more than they used to. I can't recommend cat fountains enough!
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