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salt and pepper

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Kinda a odd question, but how many of us use salt and or pepper on everything? I was changing out my s&p shakers and the question came to mind. I dont use either, but DH has to pepper up everything-and I mean everything,lol. How about you all??
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I don't pepper much of anything excpet eggs. I salt most things which I know isn't good but I do it anyway!
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I hardly ever use salt & pepper.
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I used to use a lot of salt, until my Grandpa had a heart attack from all the salt he used to eat (and other things combined of course) so I cut back on my salt usage - I use pepper though, but usually not too much.
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I am crazy over salt! I love it, and crave it frequently... I think this is why I drink so much water and I'm always thirsty. But I use mortons light salt, cause it's only 1/3 real salt mixed with fake salt... cause yes, I know it's bad for me. But I knaw the salt of pretzels before I eat them, and eat salt bagels, and use garlic salt on my pizza.... and never use pepper. And I have sea salt in 1 set of shakers, cause that's supposed to be better for you.. or more natural. I dunno, I read something somewhere...
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I love pepper on everything...salt on potatoes and fries...Tons of pepper on mac and cheese
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I don't use either, in fact I dislike salt, I prefer my fries with out them and don't eat pretzels because of the salt. I will sometimes use pepper on potato soup, but thats about it
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I use little salt, but lots of pepper -- fresh ground. I've never met an egg that didn't need pepper, but everything else is tasted first.
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I don't use either, but my parents and grandparents use some while cooking - I've seen some people with an iodine defficiency (sp??) and it's not nice.
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I pretty much salt and pepper everything.
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I used to put salt on everything before I knew what it does to you...
Never use it now... I've never used pepper either.
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I rarely use salt and never pepper. DH puts both on most foods.
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