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Squiggles, Squeeky, and Milo

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Hmmm ok..I have a few questions. If any of you remember me. I had taken in a stray(Squiggles) in about Feb of this year. She had one kitten Squeeky in March. Well, Squiggles is going for her spay in about 3 wks. As Squeeky is FINALLY becoming more dependant, and finally weaning...He was such a momma's boy..And still is..
But she is going in 3 wks, and he is going in about another month , when he will be almost 5 months old..

I got up this morning just like any other morning. And dropped my son off at school. When I got to the school, a nice woman pulled up beside me to drop her little boy off. Well I looked over and seen a torti-adult cat in her car. Didnt think much of it, And proceded to get my son out. When my son said ,"mommy there is a orange kitty just like the one we had that died". So I look over and realize the car was filled with kittens. So I asked if thats how she always drove around, and she said yes, unfortunitly she has to keep them all in the car because her boyfriend has allergies..

SOOOO....after we get the talking, and I get the "looking" I notice that there is atleast 4 kittens. And the momma. She said they were 9 wks old.
I got the orange one out and started holding him, and my heart was STUCK..there was NO WAY I could leave that kitten in that car.

I asked her if she was getting rid of them, and she said she already got 1 to go to another home, and yes, anything to get them out of the car. She says that she sometimes can bring them into a hallway at her place. But that her boyfriend still complains...But its 80 degrees outside. I believed her though, seeing the litterbox, etc in the car...

There was 2-3 blk kittens, and another torti kitten as well..Being that Squeeky is blk, I kind of wanted the orange and torti instead. But I decided to try it out with the orange one. So I brought him home, and washed him up alittle. Didnt see fleas, but he had some ear dirt, etc..She said they were only on dry food, plus their momma..So I put both wet and dry down, and he ate for 45 minutes...I feel so bad , specially after I saw him eat like that..
Im pretty sure he is a boy. And my plan is to get him fixed as well when the time comes. I called the vet and have an appointment with him in 2 days. I introduced the cats, only because they were clawing at the door to see who I brought in, but I didnt let much interaction or touching till I take him to the vet..

I almost want to see if I can take all of them, or atleast the torti..OR SOMETHING. But I dont know what the cat limit really is. I know there isnt one, but I do only have a 2 bedroom apartment. I just cant go on knowing their in that car. She said she was gonna take them to petsmart or somewhere like that and just give them to a petstore, we also talked about shelters. And she says she is getting momma fixed..But geez. MY only concern is I run back to get another..And a yr from now I see the same problem, and eventually cant take anymore. I know I cant save the world...Any suggestions??
I know this was long and Im sorry...Its just really bothering me
She was a really nice woman, and she did seem like she had feelings, so Im not trying to bash her. I just think things got out of control, and she is stuck. Yes I can try to persued her more about the shelters, but one is only gonna do what they want. Thats why Im not sure if I should atleast just go take another one or what....

P.S Please excuse the "pink" collar , specially if he is a boy. But it was the only one I had on hand..And I love the bells. Or else I would loose my mind if I couldnt hear one in my room
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Oh bless you for taking that kitten in, and bless you for getting these babies fixed!

Can you direct her to a low-cost clinic?

As much as I hate to say it, she'd be better giving these cats, or the kittens at least, to an open admission shelter. Given that the kittens are young and seem healthy, they stand a pretty low chance of being euthanized and will be adopted quickly.

If it were me, I'd take the other kitten at least. Gotta keep it a nice round number
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Thanks for the response..And the support in taking this little guy. I always feel bad taking a kitten away. But you can see he is SOOOOOOOOO comfy here already...As far as referring her to the low cost stuff. I think we are beyond that point. She is living in a 1 bedroom apt. With her boyfriend, kids, and cats. She kept referring to a male who keeps hissing at momma ever since she's had the babies. So Im assuming she has a endless kitten cycle. Which I told her she needed to address. She mentioned her mother paying for the spay once the kittens were weaned. And once again Im not bashing her, but she obviously doesnt have the money. Middle-aged woman and her mother is offering??? She isnt working right now. And being that she told me she's been using the absolute cheapest litter available, plus the food bowl was empty when I seen it..Im thinking this is beyond "low cost"
Agh this is aggravating me, and I am in the middle of moving too. So I got him all set up for the afternoon while I am gone. Which will only be 3 hrs.

I am really thinking about going to get the torti. I just dont want to be the "cat lady" either. But using the low cost programs myself. I can do it , and will make sure its done. Im almost tempted to get all of them and place an ad..GEEZ..what did I get myself into. I went to drop a baby off at school, and ended up with atleast 1 more coming home with me

But he's so loving too its driving me crazy. I almost regretted it on the way home thinking he'd be almost a feral being that he's been in the car. I think he's showed he appreciates it already

O'well I guess Ill think of something. My friend said report her, but I dont think she "means" to do it. Although no one does. I just cant do that. She is "trying"". She said her boyfriend first left her when she had 5 adults, and 18 kittens, YRS AGO..then she got rid of most and he came back. But still hates the cats...So I have a feeling that regardless what I do with this litter, there will still be issues..
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I think the best thing you can do is refer her to a low or no-cost spay and neuter clinic. It seems like she would easily qualify and the parents can get fixed and vaccinated and she could easily give the kittens to a shelter and almost gaurantee that they'd be adopted quickly. I hate to refer people to shelters because they ARE so full and a lot of shelters aren't exactly up to snuff on the best possible care, but in a case where it's between living in a van and inbreeding endlessly or being in a cage at some SPCA for a few weeks, it would probably be better to take that route, sadly. Unless of course you're interested in fostering and adoptiong out these kittens, but it sounds like with your move that's probably not a route you want to take.

This woman could benefit from speaking with a humane law enforcement officer. Not to cite her or anything, but to really educate her. As much as she may be trying, the fact is that she's not providing them with proper care and she should not have any more pets as long as she is in her current situation. This is for her well-being and sanity as much as for the animals.

I don't think 4 cats will make you a cat lady. If you can have 4 and provide for them financially and emotionally, then by all means, adopt the tortie. I've heard reports that it's easier to keep the peace in multiple cat households with even numbers, but I'm not sure if there's anything you can back that up with.

And the general concensus at my rescue is that you need over 10 to be a cat lady
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Ok, thanks for the info...Well after I roasted running around today in 95 degree heat..I went to stalk the lady..She told me where she lived , and I used to live there so it wasnt "technically stalking"...But I did go to see if I could get torti...And I couldnt find her car anywhere
I even went twice..
So guess where I'll be tomorrow morning...Back at the school waiting for her there..I just want to make sure I can atleast give these 2 a good home..Ill talk to her about the others. But Im not so sure about having what 6-8 cats when I move..

Everything has been fine with Milo though. He seems to love it here. Hopefully he will remember his sister when I get her.. If I get her
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I think you should call a few rescues near you, and see if they can take the other 3 kittens and the Momma. Then when you see the lady again, tell her you found homes for all the cats, and even the Mom, and ask if you can have them all. She sounds like a hoarder...and probably has more at home, and will end up with problems again, but at least Milo's family will be provided for.

Maybe even offer her a large bag of cat food or container of kitty litter in exchange for the animals...for the male kitty she has at home?
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Yea I could try that...I dont think she has a problem with giving them to me. Although asking for all Im sure will sound alittle odd...So I either tell or lie..I just dont know what approach. I even got worried that she is on this board also and saw this and took off, when I tried to go get the other one..Either way Im not trying to get her in trouble, I just want the cats safe...
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Originally Posted by alliread
Yea I could try that...I dont think she has a problem with giving them to me. Although asking for all Im sure will sound alittle odd...So I either tell or lie..I just dont know what approach. I even got worried that she is on this board also and saw this and took off, when I tried to go get the other one..Either way Im not trying to get her in trouble, I just want the cats safe...
Well, you are just trying to help find homes for the kitties...we're not suggesting they go to a kill shelter, but a good safe rescue. And telling someone who is in over her head to take the kitties somewhere...I think it would be easier for her to let you take them.

Either way, as the weather warms, that car is not going to be safe for her babies. I hope you can help her find a better situation for them. That does not have to mean you personally take them all...but if you could find a way to help get them out of the car that would be great.
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Well I cant find her now...

I went to the apartment complex...not sure which door i cant knock. But I thought id catch her leavin/coming in from dropping her son off. NOPE..Thought id see her outside waiting for the bus..NOPE..

Its only about a half of mile, so its not like Im stalking, she did tell me where she lived..and I told her as long as all went well with Milo, (now garfield)..That I wanted the torti.She said fine,,I looked up at the school, and nothing

Although while I was there I did see momma..Which makes me wonder, does she atleast have the babies inside, or did I go tooo late, and their already dead..

They were still nursing so why put momma outside
And surely she will be pregnant again. I sat and waited thinking the cat would take me to their door..But no, she was meowing like she wanted to come home with me..Though tempted, I wasnt gonna steal an adult cat, that for all I know could be a mean cat..

O'well maybe something will turn up tomorrow. Garfield hasnt stopped eating, or laying with me..He really loves the attention
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Hi, I would totally take them all. Ive done it several times. This lady's life is so untogether and she will be relieved. Call around the shelters, and see if a no-kill one will take them if you foster them until there is room. My friend and I blatantly took her neighbors cat, and she never said a word.What city or state are you in? I
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Im in Columbus, Ohio, if you were here, I would recommend a shelter, or foster them when you move.
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Thanks for the help though...
I might try to "stalk" the school tomorrow morning. If not there is an event there at night also..If I cant find her by tomorrow, I think I will give up

He is already momma little baby though..He constantly is on me..If I have to leave I have to wrap him up like that, or else he will cry and follow..
Makes me wonder, was he so neglected he needs me now, or was she actually spending quality time with them
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Sounds like the best you can do is have a plan for when you do see her again. Hopefully it will be soon, before something happens to the kitties!
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Just wanted to give everyone the update. Being that I am moving, I might not be on incase anyone wondered...Well I think I was too late

I saw the woman at a school function, and quickly approached her. This was 3 days later..She quickly side-tracked me and started asking how the baby I took was doing. I said great..SO GREAT THAT I WANT TO TAKE MORE FROM YOU..She said, "oh, there not even with me, sorry...Let me go talk to someone real quick and I will be back"..Needless to say she left, and never came back. I almost left there in tears, because I truelly believe they are either dead, or she just let them loose.."which is better then the car atleast"..But being that she was soooooo quick to give me the first one, and she knew I might want the other one, you would think she wouldnt have dodged me like that if it was good news.

Garfield got a clean bill of health. I told him I think they are "incest" kittens. He said he looked fine, and that he couldnt promise what the future held, but for right now he is just a kitten that is thankful to be saved..He was even amazed by how he wants to be held like a human newborn baby. He paws at my ankles until I pick him up...
Ever since I let him out to play with Squiggles and Squeeky. And they both have taken him right under their wings. Which is AMAZING, maybe they realize he's just a little guy that needed help. He still eats like a stray cat. Which worries me. If Squiggles or squeeky even come into the kitchen he growls, etc..and lashes back. They dont care because they know if he eats it all, I will replace it with more. So that helps..But doesnt he realize he doesnt stand a chance with the others??Is that growling necessary? And does that mean he was starved??

Well about the lady. The day I saw her it was 70 out, which was the first day all week it was UNDER 90'..So I am assuming they are gone..
Why would you NOT have them in the car the one day they would make it?? but drive around in 90 degree weather. Anyways, do I just let it go??My boyfriend thinks I am obsessed, and I probably am. But he has grown to be in love with Garfield, and day by day he would ask more ?'s..About if I was gonna go get his littermates, so deep down I can tell he's worried too..
So I either let it go? or just report her for hoarding?? Even if the babies are dead, she atleast has 10 more lurking somewhere. All siblings mating too..Dont know if I posted this, but when I went to her house to see if I could find her. There was cats EVERYWHERE outside. And I asked a neighbor if he knew where she lived. He said he smells her but doesnt know which door was hers.. He said that every few months more and more appear, and if it wasnt a "drug using area" she would have been turned in by now. I just keep trying to tell myself I did ok, maybe should have acted quicker, but then I cant help but wonder if there woulda been 2more litters in 2 months, even if I would have saved them. I drive past there every day, so even my boyfriend said yesterday as we were driving, that he will keep his eye out for any on the road, and if he sees them, he's gonna take them. 2 were hit by cars this week Just some final input would be nice. This lady is IRKING the heck out of me for some reason. Guess its because I just luv kitties to death
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OH that is sooooooooo sad! I am hoping she found homes for them...... But I would definately turn her in and let someone else deal with it and KNOW you did the best you could. ((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))
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I would definately make a phone call, Im not sure who you call, others on the board might know, but you can do it anonymously, you will be saving the lives of lots of cats and future kittens. Garfield is darling, and he is probably scared he won't get food again, he's probably had to fight for food before. It is so nice your cats like him. My cats always accept a small kitten, too.
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I wouldn't worry about little Garfield growling when he eats. I have had several foster litters in the past two years, and have had at least two where one of the males would growl and fuss when he eats. One even scared his Mom away from the food...I have an old fuzzy pic of him striking out at another kitten as he ate! And they had several bowls of food!

I hope she was just going around passing out kittens that day, and enough good hearted people like yourself took one or two kittens, that they all found homes!

However, if you suspect she is hoarding, you should report her to animal control. They can at least investigate, right?!?

I'm glad you got little Garfield when you did!
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Ok, Thanks everyone..Garfield and I thank you all..Its been rough because I really did worry about the others alot. But either way its time to get past it, they are either gone in a good way or bad, Atleast I know I saved him..

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The head of our foster program always says, as much as we would like to, we cant save them all. We do what we can.
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Wow, what a story. I think you were admirable for saving Garfield. Who knows where that lady is. . .I think that, if possible, you should at least try to report her for possible hoarding. There could be so many new unwanted kittens on their way out into the world that need to be prevented or if another of that lady's cats is pregnant, found suitable homes, at least in a shelter. . .
I am so glad that you have little Garfield, he is a beautiful kitty and soo lucky.
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aliread he is so gorgous and cood luck with him
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