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Update on Daisy's Babies and Gracie's Babies

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Good Morning everyone. I justed wanted to give everyone an update on Daisy's and Gracie's Babies. Daisy's babies are now 10 weeks old. She had a total of five babies and I found a home for two of them with my aunt and we decided to keep one. Gracie's babies are now 7 weeks old. She had a total of 6 kittens. I have also found a home for two of them and we again decided to keep two of them. My problem is that I can not find a home for the last four kittens. I have been communicating with a company in town close by to find homes for the kittens and to get Daisy and Gracie both fixed. The problem is that the one place they told me to call to see if they will take the kitten to be adopted wants me to pay them $10 a piece for each kitten and I just can not do that right now. My husband is starting to get frustrated and just wants to dump the kittens but I keep telling him that I will find homes for them. My only other option is to sit out front of Wal-mart all day and see if anyone wants one. But I have been told that some of those people only want them to train pitbulls for fighting. Now I do not know what to do, any suggestions? Here are a couple of pictures of the kittens.


I hope I did these pictures right. First time doing pictures without my husband.
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They are lovely. Have you tried placing an ad in your local paper saying that you have kittens that you are looking to send to a good home? Make sure you charge a small rehoming fee though to avoid all the problems associated with free to a good home ads.
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Never ever ever ever ever give away kittens for free. Being used to train pitbulls may be one of the better fates that befall them. Yes, some of them will eventually end up in a good home this way, but some of them may end up being used in medical testing facilities and who knows what else.
What is this company who is helping you? If they aren't a shelter or a rescue, and they want to charge you money, I'm already suspicious of what they're really doing.

When you are finding homes for kittens, you charge money. About 25$ a kitten if you are not including shots or spay/neuters, more if you are. This ensures that they don't end up with the pitbull fighters or the kitten dealers, because they won't spend that much money. Someone who is actually going to take care of it properly will. There are no guarantees this way, but the chances are better.

Again, the WORST THING YOU CAN DO is sit in front of Wal-Mart with free kittens.
And, you are responsible for the lives of these kittens. Your cats got pregnant because they weren't spayed and got outside, for whatever reason. Do not let your husband ditch them. Do not give them away for free. You have to keep them until you find good homes for them.
If it comes to that, find a no-kill (very very important that it is no-kill) shelter who will take them and give them as much of a donation as you can. 10$ a kitten actually sounds about right for that, compared to how much it will cost them to adopt it out. Kittens get adopted fast. And if your husband is actually going to do something as cruel and heinous as ditching them, maybe you should do that anyway.
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I have been dealing with a group called Meowtopia in Memphis, TN via email. The weird thing is that the girl who knows about the spaying is only available at night and then they only do the spaying on a Sunday which seems weird to me. The place they told me to call about taking the kittens is a Feed Store. Which is also weird to me. Any suggestions?
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They may only have a vet at the rescue on Sunday, and trust me, you DO NOT want some assistant cutting your cat open. And since these rescues have VERY small staffs and are mostly volunteer co-ordinated, it would make sense that the women you're speaking to is only available at the end of the work day.

But, I digress. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for getting these girls spayed!! And please, until they are spayed and have recovered, keep them behind at least 2 doors from outdoors. Even when they are spayed, they'd be much safer as indoor only cats, but until they're fixed, it's absolutely imperitive that they stay indoors.

Have you tried contacting an open-admission Humane Society of ASPCA? Kittens tend to be frequently requested by prospective adopters, get adopted very quickly and face a much lower chance of being euthanized. While it's usually better to find a home privately, these shelters do exist as an option. Only then, you forfeit your chance to draw up a contract about the care of your kittens. However, from where I sit, it seems like as overwhelmed as shelters are, the kittens would be much better off than if you were to dump them or take them to Wal Mart. They'll end up everywhere from shelters to research labs to on the streets to fodder for a dog fight if you do that. You'd be doing the best for your kittens if you were able to find a no-kill shelter, but during this time of year, it's going to be nearly impossible to find one that is still accepting new admissions. In this area, the no-kills all have waiting lists 3 miles long.

If you do take the shelter route, PLEASE remember to give them a donation for each kitten's care. Some shetlers, especially those that are open-admission, will even require one. Around here the going rate is about $50 for each surrendered animal, but if you can't afford that, please give them what you can. The shelter will (hopefully) fix the kittens, give them shots, and feed and water them until they are adopted, which is not cheap. They rely on donations to take care of the cats and dogs that people drop off.
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I did a little more research this morning and I found another group that I just emailed to see if they have any other suggestions. The biggest problems is that I live in the country and the closest city is at least 30 miles aways. The town I live in is so small that we do not have a vet, shelter or anything around. Also, we get a lot of drop off of animals. I just moved here a year ago and have already had a kitten that my husbands aunt took and the mama cat that we are keeping. I have talked to people at my church and they say it has been a problem for years but that the small town we live in just can not keep up with it all.

Once I get an email from this other group I will post what they have to say.
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This is the same for my town... That is why I plan to keep mine inside and I plan to get them all fixed
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