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I am so Stupid!

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My neck is killing me right now! Over the weekend my cousin had a big graduation party that I went to and many people were playing volley ball. I was not going to play but my family told me to get in their and have fun. I am 28 and not that old but boy did I hurt myself. Stupid me got too competitive over a dumb game and dived for a ball and fell right on my face. My nose bled a little and swell up but I did not notice my neck hurting till the next day and I think it is whip blash. This happened Sunday and I am still having neck pain and my nose has a little bruise but I am more concerned with the neck. Plus I am soar everywhere from playing, legs and arms hurt. Why am I so stupid to go diving for a ball and fall on my face!

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Honestly it is what we do
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two words tylenol arthritis.....

it really helps for pain like stiffness and soar muscles and joints! It's a little expensive but don't skimp and buy the generic CVS brand... get the tylenol brand. You can even get printed out coupons on the tylenol website. Also, you can mix ibuprofin with tylenol in case you have inflammation. Got that tidbit from my pediatrician!
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If it hurts that bad, I would suggest going to a chiropractor.
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I have a new injury from a car accident over 10 yrs ago. If it "acts up" like it did earlier this month from my landscaping duties I will sleep for a while with a heating pad and also roll up a bath towel and stick it in my pillow under my neck when I sleep. I was in physical therapy for several weeks so I will do some of my neck exercises too!!
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