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Vet referrals Nation-wide

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Hi all,

I have decided that I would like to begin a list of vets who early alter kittens. Once I have received a few, which I don't feel will take too long, I am going to make a site dedicated to early altering and helping breeders or rescues to find vets in their area who will perform pediatric spay and neutering.
Please list your Vet's clinic, Vets name, City, State, and phone number. If you have experience with this vet and would like to give recommendation, please feel free. No private information will be shared. I will post an update as things progress.
My e-mail address is familytimerags@cox.net
Stormi Nell
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This is a great idea and I wish their was a UK equivilent but I have never heard of a vet neutering here younger than five months (not including ferals).
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That is an excellent plan. I wish there were some form of vet review site as well.
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I have been sick and broke my wrist, so things have been a little delayed. I want to thank those of you who have contacted me with vet referrals. I have been asked in private, if this site will eventually link other places. This site may link to rescue organizations, sites such as TCS, or other health related links that help to explain pediatric spay and neutering. The site will never link to any breeders or any specific breed, as well it will have a domain name that is separate from my own website.
I do hope to get it started and up soon.

Oh, and for those of you laughing about my wrist... My son turned 6 and we had a skating party. (I am not as good at skating as what I thought. ) I thought I had just sprained my wrist, but the pain was staying fairly bad, so I finally went to the doctor, and the x-rays confirmed it is broke. I go to the surgeon next week. He knows me from when I broke my thumb 3 years ago. Go ahead and say it, as my family is laughing and chanting, "my, you are accident prone."

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