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Speaking of high school...

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I've just been invited to my 10th year high school reunion that will be held in August. They are going to have a golf tournament(I can't go because I don't golf. Maybe mini-golf), then a bbq picnic on Friday and Casino night on Saturday. So I am looking forward to seeing my high school friends that I haven't seen in ten years. They even have a website where I can sign the guest book. Cool!!!
By the way, I am an Eagle(my high school's mascot). What are you?
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I'm a Wildcat. The town I grew up in, Columbia Maryland, was a planned community. Several neighborhoods formed villages, and several villages formed Columbia. Each neighborhood or village had a musical or literary theme-for instance, the neighborhood of Hobbit's Glen contained streets that had names that came from JRR Tolkein's books. The high school I went to was in the village of Wilde Lake, for Oscar Wilde. So, we were the Wilde Lake Wildcats.

We had a 5 year reunion, which was a waste of time. I have kept in touch with the people I want to be in touch with. A lot of people still had that high school cliquey thing going on. Plus, it was $25 for bad food, bad DJ and a cash bar. My friends and I bailed early and went to the local diner. We haven't had a 10 year, and I doubt we'll have a 15 year next year.
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I'm a Ram! I just graduated highschool last June, so it will be awhile before we have a reunion. I don't know if I'll go though, since I never really had anything to do with anyone there. I was just glad to get out of school. :LOL:
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I'm a Cholla (pronounced "choya") Charger, class of '75. I don't go to reunions. I hated that school and couldn't wait to get out! The only classmate that I have ANY contact with is a girl named Peggy. That's just because she married one of my brothers.
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I'm with you Katl8e! I couldn't wait to get the heck out of there! The only people that I was friends with were my twin sister and my friend Christina. Everyone else was too involved in their cliques. I started at my highschool my junior year, so everyone else had their friends already.
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Sarah, are you a fraternal or identical twin? I don't know why, but twins fascinate me.

I was a Wildcat. The only friend I kept in contact with from High School is my best friend. We've been best friends since we were 12. She was the senior class secretary. Her and the other class officers are the people who are responsible for reunions. A couple of years ago she asked me, "Would you rather have a 5 year reunion or a 10 year?" I voted for a 10 year; so our reunion will be in 2006.
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I went to Rocky Mountain High School, our mascot was a Lobo (wolf). What's funny is that our rival across town was the Ft. Collins High School Lambkins, so we had some great cheers for football and basketball. The other high school in town were the Impalas, but we didn't really care about them.

Either there wasn't a 10 year reunion or they didn't invite me. No big deal either way. They only reason I would go to a reunion is if I could get Goth'ed out and freak out all the yuppies. I was really friends with only two or three people in my class, my other friends were a year ahead of me.
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Sabra-I am an identical twin. Some people say we look alike, and others say we don't. I guess it just depends if you know us or have seen us before. My sister, Eliz, also has her hair died a darker color, so I guess thats why we don't look alike. When we were younger we looked EXACTLY alike. Everyone would always mistake us for the other one. We are the same height and weight, so I guess the only difference is our hair. I'll see if I have any pics of us that I can post.
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Wow, my 10 year reunion is also coming up. I haven't got "invited" as of yet, maybe they forgot me!! LOL

I am a Hawk. The mascot was ugly! He used to go to all the football games and hang out w/ us cheerleaders. UGH.

So what is it with all the high school threads? I am starting to feel old!!!!!!
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I was a jayhawk. Don't ask me what that is, or how we got that name. I guess it sounds ferocious and "frightens" the other football teams! I went to my first two reunions, but was too embarassed to go to later ones, because my husband and I separated. I know that sounds silly, but I felt so strongly about the family unit. I'm still married and separated. I felt like such a third wheel everywhere I went, but when friends tried to "fix me up," I ducked them. I still love my husband and he still loves me.
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Hey Nena, We were the Eagles, too!!!
I have been out of high school for 18 years this sad is that???
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I was a 'Discoverer'... I always thought it was stupid! I know nothing of our reunions, and if I did I wouldn't go anyway. I couldn't stand High School! Of course, now I do exceptionally well in college. I enjoy it much more!
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I was a coyote. I graduated in '95.
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I was a Jaguar. I missed our 5 year reunion and as far as I know there wasn't a 10 year reunion - I still live in the area. The only person I keep in touch with from highschool is my best friend (we work together now) and a form guidance counsellor. I was involved in a lot of clubs and activities during highschool, but I didn't miss them as I became involved in outside activities when I graduated in 1988.
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Well, I was not one of the most popular people in school. I usually hung around the other nonpopular kids. But when I graduated, most of the seniors and juniors liked and respected me. I really enjoyed high school. I attended every football game senior year up until the State championship which they lost. Skyline was known for snob school since most of the kids came from rich, Mormon families. They were all involved in cheerleading,sports, other clubs. I enjoyed going to Homecoming. I didn't go to my senior prom because no one asked me . Isn't it funny how some people when you are in freshmen through junior year, they are rude and don't talk to you, but at the end of Senior year, they are all sorry they weren't nice to you? I got that a lot. It was kind of fun when I was a senior and made fun of the sophomores. Or one day during the end of the year, the seniors all got to sluff.
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Hey Tigger, I graduated in '95, too!

We were the South Side Scrappers. Our mascot was a bulldog.

I enjoyed high school, but was ready for something new by graduation.

I've kept in touch with a few people, and through them I keep up with several others. Most people are still in the home city, hanging out with the same friends they had in high school.
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Another '95 grad here. I was a West Branch Warrior.

I skipped our 5 year (grilled burgers and hot dogs and a keg, whoo-hoo). I may or may not go to my 10 year. The only reason I'd go is to show up with my husband on our Harleys. *smile*

I've kept in touch with 1 girl, my only best friend from High School, and we've been friends since we were 4 or 5, when our dads played softball together.

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I'm a Woodbridge Warrior!! Class of '87!! We didn't have a five year but I did go to my 10 year. What a Joke!!! I paid $65 to go to the Queen Mary, eat food, jabber a little and have them tell us the lightbulb from the projector is burnt out!! (Duh, you didn't think to bring another??) I haven't decided if I'm going to my 20 year in 2007.
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Went to two high schools...we were the Gainesville High School Hurricanes and the Leesburg High School Yellow Jackets (what a stupid mascot! eeew...a scary bug's gonna beat our team! ) I hated Leesburg High and couldn't wait to graduate to get out of there!
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I was a Plymouth Pilgrim or Rocky. Yup, we had two mascots. The Rockies were for Football only though. I graduated in 1986 and didn't go to the 5, 10 or 15 year reunions. I did have quite a few friends in high school--I was a speech/debate/theatre/vocal music person and we all stuck together. It just seems that since I moved 300 miles away, I don't have a lot in common with the people I graduated with anymore. Many of them have gone on to professional careers and a lot of them are just now getting married and I've been married for 13 years. I can't imagine just now starting my family! My daughter is in middle school!
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Aww guys were lucky, most of you had animals as your mascot . We were the Barons- our symbol was a medieval knight and red and grey were the school colors.

I still keep in contact with a lot of people in my graduating glass ('94) I see a lot of them on a regular basis. I really enjoyed my senior years in high shool- I was involved in stuff like Grad Affairs and other committees. Of course the best thing about high school was that I met my hubby there We actually became engaged during my grade twelve year.
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We were the Chiefs. I loved high school but I think thats because we were a pretty small school.I graduated(1986) with alot of people that I had started kindergarten with so we were all friends. I went to my five year reunion it was fun but I missed my ten year because my husband's secretary was getting married the same day. Its amazing how many people have different opinions about high school My husband hated it.
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