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I tried to update my cat page and put in a picture and everytime I type in my e-mail and password, I get a message asking me to enter my e-mail address and password. Any idea what is going on?
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Chances are the password is wrong (this message actually means that the system can see your email there, otherwise it tells you the email is not known). Try using the feature that lets you retreive your password and let me know how ut goes.
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Thanks Anne, I managed to get Buster's picture in by using a new password.
Now, I know that I am pretty computer "illiterate" but, how does one make a web site profitable? I would certainly like to help keep this site open?

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I am still trying to figure that one out

When I first thought up this site the business model went as follows:

prices for trageted banners were around 30$ per 1000 impressions (exposures). So with every 100,000 page views I was supposed to make a wofty 3000$! Then the internet market collapsed and now practically no one is paying anything for banner ads. Prices are around 0.5$ per 1000 impressions, if you can get that. So with the 150,000 page views the site has today I could make 70$. There are quite a lot of expenses too. I pay 20$ a month for a host + 50$ a month for seach engines promotion. I also have the initial investment of about 2000$ (for programing the cat pages and purchasing this forum software etc.)

I love this place and I really do enjoy working on this site, but I hope I can keep on doing it... It takes a lot of work (mainly promoting the site) and is a full time job with no salary. Hubby is very supportive but I am beginning to look for other sources of income (probably private tutoring and translations).

Sorry about the long story. Just felt like sharing

I guess the best help would just be to let as many people as possible know about the site. Maybe put a note at your vet's office if that's okay with him/her, email cat loving friends etc.

I believe that if the site gets millions of page views a month then I can sell some ad space for proper money. Also buying through the site's shop and ads help as I get a commission for every purchase.

Thanks for helping!
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