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Can Cats see..

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in color or black and white?

Just curious if someone ever figured this out.
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We were talking about this the other day and I found this
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Hi there, Anakats link to the web page for cat sight is very insteresting and made me think about my cats. It says that cats can distinguish blues, greens and yellows. My cat food bowls are blue and whenever they see the bowls they are always very interested.... Now I know this is also to do with conditioning, but even when the bowls have been cleaned and have no food on them they know what these items are. We use plates etc for our own use when the cats are about and they are not at all interested in them, so its true ! they can see some levels of colour...........very interesting !!
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Cats are the equivalent of human red-green colorblindness in their vision-- which means Zissou can see color better than my roommate!

Here is a really cool site where you can look at things the way your cat does (though it's for human colorblindness). http://colorfilter.wickline.org/ you type in a web address and it filters it to make it look like it would if you're colorblind. I tested it out, and my roommate says the one filtered to his type of colorblindness looks exactly the same as the original. I love scrolling through the petsmart toys department online with this to see what the toys will look like to Zissou.

And they can definitely see color. Zissou likes blues and purples better than warm colors.
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Wow! Those links are cool!

I'll have to show that link to my Web Design class...they might find it interesting.

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