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pooches and kitties

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I was blessed to be found by an abandoned and underweight Rottweiler about 5 yrs ago. A friend of my girlfriend had noticed the pooch wandering around their office building for days before she was able to coax her to come over. It was a rainy Feb morning here in SoCal and the dog was soaked and hungry. My girlfriend and I saw the two of them as I dropped her off at work. We asked about the dog and decided then and there we would try to adopt her if no one claimed her.

We called the local no-kill shelter and they picked up her without any growling or barking. They kept her for a week to wait for any possible owner and during that week my girlfriend suffered a major neurological illness that paralyzed her on one side put her in the hospital for several weeks. During that time we told the shelter we wanted her and they sent her to be spayed.
We could not pick her up at the scheduled time so the shelter picked her up again and boarded her for free until I could go get her.

The folks at the shelter told us they had never seen a Rotty with such a great and sweet personality. Several staff members would actually take turns sitting in the pen with her to pet her and comfort her.

When I picked her up and brought her home we watched carefully for any agression toward the cats we already had. There was none aside from sniffing them all. They reacted in kind and thus began the most incredible 5 year family time I have ever witnessed. The cats adored Sierra and she adored them. They groomed each other and as time went by Sierra started to continue growing. The vet said he thought she was about 6-8 yrs by the wear on her teeth and she was 67 lbs when weighed at first but with a home and good nutrition, she grew in length, height and girth.

As her life quality began to ebb after 5 wonderful fun filled years with her, the second adoptee puppy Richochet and the ten cats, she weighed in at 120 lbs of pure love. There were no strangers to Sierra and even the FEDEX drivers and mailmen brought her biscuits as treats. The little kids down the street adored her and had no fear.

The cats were quite upset when I had to take Sierra on the first step over the Bridge and they looked for her all over the house. They were inconsolable for several days and did not want to be held or sit with us.

We read several books on Rottys as they have a quite undeserved bad reputation. They are NATURALLY good with cats and kids unless trained otherwise or neglected. They are protective and rely on their size more than aggression to let bad people or animals know that "This is MY place and MY family and you better be on your best behavior" You have not experienced true critter love until you experience a Rotty. IMHO.

The other fun thing about them is that they snore and sometimes quite loudly. Our cats used to run over and sit around her as she slept just curious about the funny sounds she made. One of our older cats, BearBear, also snored and the two of them created quite a funny cacaphony.

As I am sure you all feel, a house is not a home without at least one ball of flying fur and the more the merrier.

If I ever hit the lottery, I will have a nice big critter home and not just a shelter. The beds will have to be custom made as all the critters will probably ooch me out of my own bed. Try sleeping on a queen bed with the two of you and a Rotty, a shep/mutt mix who loves the Rotty as a sister and at least six cats. No electric blankets needed!
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Thats a beautiful tribute to your Rotties. RIP Sierra.
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Sounds like a lot love in your home! That's wonderful that you were able to rescue her and give her such a good life.
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RIP Rotty... It is nice to see she had a great home even if for only a few years...
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