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question on feeding

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Ok I am sure you guys are sick of me by now.

Short recap for those that haven't seen my million other posts......

Angel got out April 25th adn came home May 1. she was in heat when she got out (no she isn't fixed, she is an indoor cat and other things came first with her being indoor only and my 3 yr old let her out, yes she will be fixed either after next heat or after babies no matter what!)........ Well I figured in heat, outside no brainer she would be preg.....

Her nipples have gotten a bit bigger and a bit pink (not bright pink). She has gotten a little wider but not big at all, but seems to be getting bigger the past couple days (at least to me but even today my oldest daughter said something about it).

But I took her to the vet on Fri and they couldn't feel anything they thought was kittens (thought she felt fecal matter so maybe that was a kitten and not fecal matter?????). But like I said since then she has seemed to have gotten wider, isn't really big on the sides.

I KNOW you should feel a preg. cat kitten food........... So my question is since we STILL aren't 100% pos if she is or isn't (oh yeah and NO heat in 5 weeks) preg. yet should I be feeding her kitten food? All my cats are freefed but right before the vet appt I had bought some dry kitten food (couldn't find canned kitten in the store I was in) and was going to put her in a room with some of that a couple times a day so she could have some and then find some canned kitten until then I just give her some of a can of reg. cat food each day. But not sure if I should do this if she isn't preg. but if she is then she needs it right?

So should I give the kitten food or not? or wait till I know for sure??????? Oh and what about KMR heard that is good for preg. and nursing moms? Should I hold off on that till I am sure and she is really really showing or what? Vet said it may only be 1 or 2 and that is why she didn't feel anything..........
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I wouldn't see the harm in giving it to her if by chance she is not PG. If she is PG then yes she needs it! Good luck
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Thanks prncss!!!!!! will do

Ok her belly doesn't seem much bigger but it just keeps getting harder and harder. LOL And her nipples are even bigger now......... thinking there is only a couple in there. Her belly is like a rock now so maybe she will pop out bigger soon? LOL
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I would just continue to free feed dry kitten food til you know for sure.
Dry food has more concentrated nutrition than wet.... so if she does not normally eat canned food there is no need to give it to her now.
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pondwader---- OK thanks. I do give wet as a treat for them but other than that they have dry food freefed, even my other cats. But for Angel to get the kitten I put her in a room a few times a day with the kitten food.
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OK I am just going NUTS here! I wish I could just afford the $110 for the x-ray! or maybe I should call around and see if anyone does them ALOT cheaper! She doesn't really look any bigger. I mean she has a teeny bit of a belly and it is hard, but she isn't BIG. She got out 5 weeks ago so is between 4-5 weeks along depending on when/if she mated. her nipples got bigger just this week. before they pinkened up (about 2 weeks ago), and got a bit bigger. now they aren't just longer than they were but fatter. So I am almost pos. she has to be preg. but then keep wondering why she doesn't seem to be getting bigger on the sides.......... (edited to add) ok just looked at the cat preg calendar and she is about 37 days from her first day out, according to that they "begin" to show around 35 days so maybe in the next week or so she will get bigger since she could be anywhere from 31-37 days. But guessing around 35-37 since she was in heat when she got out so would think she would have mated close to the begining of her time out. She is wider around now, but no real balls out at the sides......... And no heat for about 5 1/2 weeks.......

I keep trying NOT to look at her and just wait till the end of June and see if she delivers. LOL because it is really driving me batty wondering! I figure it must only be a couple of kittens in there if she is preg. and maybe that is why she isn't showing really.......... In another couple weeks maybe I will feel a kick. LOL only about 4 more weeks till she would be due. hahaaa.
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