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Hello From Philly

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I recently joined to learn more about nose bleeds. I currently have two kitties living with me and Husband-Molly & Lucky. I left behind five other cats at my Mother's house. Yes all seven lived together-not quite in harmony.
Here is some info on the seven kids.
Connor & Princess were born on St. Patty's weekend. We adopted bro & sis from a friend of the family at a few months old. A few years later came Lucky. This guy is fat & needy & looking for his old family. The following month our neighbor Mindy passed away. She left behind 3 kitties with Buddy being the oldest. We were afraid no one will adopt the old grump so we took him in. He is a quiet little guy that doesn't like many people. Then 2 months later I found a pregnant Molly at work. She was barely a year old. Her first baby was stillborn...that pretty much guaranteed her a new home. Spunky was her 2nd child & our 6th kitty. In the same year we adopted my cousins cat Cello. He is a beast. We have soften him up over the years but he is still huge. It takes two paws of the other kitties to match Cello's one paw. He isn't just fat he is BIG (btw he used to be all muscle and could knock you over with his smack).

Lucky & Molly bonded the best with my husband and I. It was said to take them away from Spunky but they adapted very well. Molly is a treat hog & Lucky is still needy.

I have some old pics on the net:

Hope to talk to you all soon.
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Hope you find all the info you need on TCS. Have fun on the forums and say hello to Lucky & Molly for me.
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hey there! i'm new to TCS as well and live NE of Philly!
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Releko...we are in NE Philly too. Over in the Bustleton/Rhawnhurst area. We used to live by the 8th district police office. Welcome Philly friend.
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Welcome to TCS! You have a beautiful furfamily

I am here to help you with any site questions, so feel free to click on my user name and send me a private message if you need help
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Welcome to TCS prepare to become addicted... Also we love pictures hint hint
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I am in love with that photo of Lucky (I have an orange kitty addiction this week)
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I'm in the burbs of Philly, West Chester, welcome!
Great website you have!
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Welcome!! You have beautiful fur babies.
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site

This is a fun and informative place with tons of friendly people...

You will love it here
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Welcome to the forums! I am also pretty new, but have found that people here are very friendly and you will learn a lot from everyone. I liked your kitty pictures.
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