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Pics of my babies

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Hi I am a newbie to posting pics but wanted to show of my babies.

This is Britter. She is 17 years old and still going strong.
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This is Tigger .DH found him under a building at work. He Is about 5 years old.

This is Teddi. We adopted her from an animal rescue group when she was just a kitten.She is about3 years old now.

Here is Coco . She is 1 year and a half. She is full grown but tiny.

I will post pics of my other 2 as soon as I can .
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They are so cute! thanks for sharing!
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Very beautiful kitties!! Thanks for sharing them.
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Your kitties are lovely. Thanks for the pics. And welcome to TCS.
You're off to a good start with your photos. Keep practicing, we won't mind a bit!
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You've got a gorgeous fur family there
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Welcome to TCS! You have some very beautiful babies Thanks for sharing.
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They're all gorgeous! I love Britter
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how adorable!!!
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What a beautiful fur family, cant wait to meet the other two...
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Aww your cats are lovely

My cat was 18yrs when she died, she would have been 19 this monday coming up.
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Love your cats...i used to have an orange tabby, looked just like your Tigger. I now have Dallas, who hasn't replaced Muffy, but I love her just as much.
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Awww, sweet babies!!
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