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Broken Hind Leg!

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This happened last night (5/28/06): I was eating dinner while the family cat walked around the table and then she started growling and hissing. Nobody scooted the chair back on her and she took off running with her hind leg raised in the air. Ever since, she has been walking slow and occasionally hurts herself somehow and starts her meowing/crying/hissing. She has been laying around the whole day and I can't stand to hear her cry. I came out to see her and she tried to come over to me but she tripped and rolled on her back because it hurt too bad for her to move. Today is Memorial Day so all of the veterinary clinics are closed. We have a scheduled appointment tomorrow morning but I was wondering if any of you have tips to ease her pain a little until she gets x-rayed. And I'm still worried about how we are going to get her to the vet without hurting her. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Scott Ryan
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wow i dont know...don't they have any emergency care in your area? Will she let you look at the leg...perhaps its not broken...she might have a bite or something? I feel bad for both you and the kitty.
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Poor little baby.

On the way to the vet either put her in a crate or wrap her securely in a towel and hold her. But of course the towel idea will only work if two people go. It's safer for her in some sort of crate even if it's a duct taped carboard box with a 'small' air hole.

I wish your kitty all the best and hope she gets back to her normal self soon. Broken legs are rough on the owner as well as the cat.

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Since it's Tuesday morning, I assume you're already on your way to the vet. But let us know how she's doing when you get a chance. Good luck at the vet! I hope it's just a soft tissue injury and not a broken leg.
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The vet said it's either a sprained leg or a torn ligament in her leg. We've been giving her Metacam every other day and she seems to be a little better. I still think it can be dislocated when she starts crying because a torn ligament can lead to a dislocation...I think. She isn't crying as much anymore and I think she's more scared that something is attacking her than the actual pain. Thanks everybody for your support!
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I'm glad she's feeling a little better. Soft tissue injuries can be very painful and take a long time to heal too. Good luck with the healing process!!
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Oh, the poor baby! I do hope she's feeling better. Did your vet xray her & check out her foot & leg thoroughly? Sending lots of ((((healing vibes)))) your way.
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Hope kitty will recover soon! :hug:
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Yes hopefully your sweety recovers quickly
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