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Originally Posted by lookingglass
After scooping twice a day and using really good cat food I have found that an Oust Fan works wonders in my apartment. It gets into the air and kills the bacteria that cause nasty smells. I've never had an issue with odor because of it.

A side note here... cover your carpet with baking soda (the stuff in the orange box NOT the sented crap that they sell in the cleaning isle) then sweep it up. It will get out deep down odor in your carpet.
What is an Oust fan - is it an actual fan?
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Originally Posted by Ruthie70
What is an Oust fan - is it an actual fan?
If it's the same as ours here in the UK, their those plug in air fresheners with a tiny fan inside.

I have them in my house but the make i have are by Glade but we can get them by Oust as well.
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If people walking into my house were complaining, first I'd get new friends and then I'd think, as others have said, that my kitties are going places other than the box. 2 cats should not totally stink up your house. I use Fresh Step clumping litter for my one kitty and the only time there is any smell is when she neglects to cover her business.

As far as food, she's been on everything from DeliCat to Iams to Science Diet to Royal Canin to her current prescription food and there have been no litterbox smell issues, so go over the house really well to make sure they haven't made their own toilets elsewhere. Good luck!
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What was the outcome to your "stinky" situation? Are your friends happier now? Were you able to solve the stink??
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My youngest cat...well there is NO describing the smell, no matter WHAT she eats!! Her name is Spots and my 5 year old (she's 6 now) would come running through the house holding her nose, seconds before the smell. She came up with the name "Spot Squat" for the poop. She could make the paint peel off the walls!
Then when we were going to get her spayed, we find out she is pregnant! Let me tell you those kitten foods (both wet and dry) make it stink even worse!
I have 2 litter boxes and clean and scoop often but if any of my friends came in right after she went poop, they would leave running down the street! And I wouldn't blame them!!!
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i have five cats and my house never smells..i buy good cat food and clean my litter tray daily..i also allow plenty of fresh air into the house seems to work..ppl dont ever comment on smell..i have a sensative nose so i think i would
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Cats smell when their litter box is not cleaned regularly; when they eliminate outside the litter box; or when a poor diet creates odorous stools.

Check the three items and see if fixing one or more of themhelps the problem. Cat Boxes should be scooped at least twice a day.

And I always thought an electric litter box was a waste of money, but I never knew that it could kill a kitten.

If you get a biodegradable product like Nature's Miracle, Worlds' Best Cat Litter or Feline Pine, the clumps go directly in the toilet and are flushed away.
Keeping the ordure in a basket in the house might contribute to the problem.
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"chemical stuff" is also known as 'baking soda'.

And if you are using sand, it's imperative to change the box frequently. The cat litter is worth the money since it will eliminate the 'cat odor'.

If your cat is a male and he is not neutered, his urine will have a very strong odor.
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Well you got a lot of advice but I had to read this thread since your title sounded like me a few days ago. It has been humid here, and hot, and I have foster kittens in one room of my house, an adult cat and two kittens of my own.

I am concerned about spraying products into the air, because they are just kittens and one of them is sick. In fact, with three total kittens sick, and smelly poop, well, you know.

I solved my odor problem with baking soda. I am meticulous about cleaning up the recent accidents also.

A good product I recently found is called "Pet Fresh" Odor Eliminator Plus Pet Hair Release.

It looks like a big can of Arm & Hammer Baking soda. You spray it on the carpet and in five minutes vacuum. It really freshened up the place perfectly but baking soda itself may also work just fine. Haven't tried that yet on the carpets. The stuff really does help getting the pet hair off the carpets too.

For an instant fix get a can or two of Tidy Cat deodorant. You put a couple tablespoons into the litter box and it sweetens the whole area. But really, also buying a better quality litter is key. I was trying to cut corners and buy cheap litter since I was going through it so fast with all the kittens, but in the long run I am saving money buy using the expensive litter.

I would LOVE to be able to flush litter but don't trust my own septic system. So, what I do is use a gawd awful amount of grocery bags and keep them in a bin next to each litter box (one for each cat plus one). I keep a separate scooper near each box too, to make life easier. After cleaning the litter boxes five plus times a day I take the bag outdoors and put it in a SEALED container, like a five gallon bucket until trash day then I put it out. This is to keep the flies away from my house and it works well. I don't tolerate flies well at all and had a recent maggot problem when I kept the trash inside the house in a sealed container. Just don't do it--get the poo out of the house.

I'm guessing you have more than one indoor cat. I never had a smell when it was just me and Pixel. Now it's a little battle. The better food must help but right now I can't tell. I got a sick kitten pooping all day and night. Good luck.
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My building is eighty years old and has its original plumbing. Nine months of putting Nature's Miracle into the system hasn't clogged the plumbing yet. I'd at least look into it. My cat's deposits are rather small, but she still makes them. The ball dissolve when put into the toilet (it takes about five seconds.)
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That sounds so cool. Pixel usually goes in the pine trees outside. I have a little yard that is practically a forest here in the desert.

I am tempted to try it but I have a mobile home and it's the park's septic that is always backing up without me doing anything to it.

Maybe I'll give it a shot, gizmo. You inspire me.
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I don't find the Nature's Miracle litter to be any more intrusive or blocky than what usually goes into the's really up to you and your cat. Some cats don't like this. But a biodegradable litter is better, even if you don't put it in the toilet; it breaks down in the trash and doesn't have silicon dust in it like so many clay litters. Since my cat is allergic to a lot of things I got a very safe product for her, and she's done very well with it. I hope it works for you (but I'm not selling it, if you know what I mean.) You may find another biodegradable litter works as well or better.
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i live in a tiny, TINY apartment and currently have three cats (soon to be two), i had been trying out a regular non clumping clay litter and my entire apartment just reeked, it was awful, after a week i threw it out and went back to a clumping clay litter and my apartment smells wonderful.

both kinds were/are special kitty brand
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Some baking soda can be added to the litter to minimize the smell, but nothing substitutes for regular scooping and changing of the litter. I'm very happy with Nature's Miracle: it does what it claims to do, keeps the odor way down. I don't notice any smell unless I am actually changing or scooping the box.
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