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Aggressive Cat.. towards me? only..

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So my girlfriend has had a siamese mix cat for roughly 4 years, we've been together for six, she even had me pick the cat out from the pound as a present, she said she couldn't do it because she'd want too many. So I picked a nice playful kitten, she had no problems with me.

Four years later... This cat loathes me. I'm surely convinced it absoutely HATES me.

When I'm walking around the apartment, if she's in a direction I'm going, she hisses at me, as if I'm going to get her. Obviously I'm not. I've been walking with stuff, empty handed, all of that. The cat has attacked the maintence personnel, she's went after me, she hisses at everyone of my friends who come over, she hates EVERYONE. EXCEPT my girlfriend? This cat could be ready to annihilate my face, back arched, claws out, swatting at me, and my girlfriend will casually as plain as day, bend down, pick the cat up, and speak to her in Japanese(my gfs Japanese) and the cat stops, the cat won't even dare hiss at her, it did once, and she yelled at it, and that was that. No more she'll even pet the cat, or the cat will lead her to the food bowl. I've even tried going to the food bowl after she's acted mad at me, maybe thinking she was frustrated that I wasn't getting the clue, no. She won't even go near any food I've put down when she's mad at me. I've learned what my GF says in Japanese, and tried repeating it, nada. If I feed her, she'll look at me like I'm mentally retarded. She'll go get my GFs attention, and my GF will grab a handful of food, and just put it over the food I already put down, and the cat is goes to town on the food.

I've changed shampoos, cologne, left it off, tried everything I could think. I've even, in a desperate attempt to not have my ankles turned to a bloody mess, rubbed her own hair all over myself, hoping I'd smell like her.

Now what's even more confusing, is when my girlfriend and I are laying down in bed, when my gf lays her head on my chest, the same very cat, who no more than three minutes ago was swatting at me, will get on my chest and just.. sit there, if I try and pet her, holy hell breaks loose. But oh no, if my GF does it, she just purrs and purrs and is all happy, will prance around, will lay on her back on my chest and roll off, and play with my GF, but if I even attempt to move, she gets mad at me!(The cat)

I'm so utterly confused. I've never punished her, yelled at her, or anything.
In the past I could play with her, feed her, et cetera. Now it's like, I have to watch my step or my foots going to be ripped up. I've even taken to wearing long pants and shoes all the time! It's getting rather hot here, too.

I'm just so very confused. Any ideas, or should I just accept the fact I'm her mortal enemy apparently?
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Ok - first the usual questions:

Is she spayed?

Has she seen a vet lately to make sure there isn't anything to be causing her pain?

After eliminating those two items, I would recommend that you start taking care of her litterbox and food so she becomes used to you doing those items. Ignore her and don't approach her or look her in the eye. Just sit with her in the room and maybe read or talk to her.

You can also try either the Feliway spray or diffuser. Check the web for the better prices because it can be pricey.
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Siamese are very possessive, I would buy a bottle of feliway spray and douse my clothes lightly before entering the house. I would also not make direct eye contact with this cat because they consider that a threat- Ask if you can take over caring for this cat, everything from scooping litter pans to feeding and be sure not to show fear.
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Yeah sounds like a siamese. My mom has two, one of which is loving to her but ignores everyone else and one who loves me. The cat would go to the back door to be let out and would hiss and growl when you got near. My mom was always amazed that I could walk up to him when he did this and put him on my shoulder and he would be quiet. Whenever he went to the vet I would have to take him otherwise they wouldn't be able to handle him.
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We have a littermaid, the automatic litter thing. So, I guess, I could try a normal style litterbox with her.

I've attempted to feed her, but she really doesn't seem to like it when I mess with her food, or her food bowl, she just sits there, and growls at me..

Also, she is spayed.

I'm going to try that feliway that people keep reccomending.

She was given a clean bill of health by the vet, who was female, I'm wondering if she doesn't like males, because she seems to have a predication for disliking males.
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Has she always been like this towards you? Or is the behavior fairly new?
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