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is there someone who can make me a siggy? they look so cool and i have no idea how to make them. i know how to type and how to surf the web and that is about it... lol.
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there are quite alot of our members that will be able to make you a signature. I will move this to the signature forum for you
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my bad! haha!
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i still need someone to help me but it is lightning where i live so i have to get off of the comp. for a few hours but any halp would be appreciated! thanks
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the signature designers will see this thread at some stage and will post. It might not be straight away - just give them some time.
this link http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=49868 shows some people that will help but some of the members arent active any more
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ok thanks.
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I am more than happy to make you a signature if you like

If your interested please send me a pm

I have made so many signatures for people on this forum as well as others, you can tell which ones are designed by me by my little piece of credit on them (R&D Designs).

Hope all is well and your having a good day

Eva x
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