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Tuesday's DT

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Good morning everyone! Today is a rainy and dreary day. We got hit pretty bad last night with strong winds and thunderstorms that knocked down power lines and knocked over trees. Its just a mess everywhere this morning. Its been pretty quiet here at work so far-I've only gotten 5 phone calls or less and I've been here for over an hour. Weird...Anyways, I only have 4 more days left of school for this quarter. Yeah! I can't wait to get done with math class. Yuk! I hope everyone has a good day! :flower:
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Well, I am so excited. For my birthday, my in-laws ordered me one of those all-in-one printer, fax, scanner, copier thingamabobs.



I can't wait! They said it should arrive at the house in 1-2 weeks. I'm pretty good with this stuff but I'm sure I'm going to need some pointers on posting pics.

I guess you could say it's a good day

Hope everyone else has a great one
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Good day all! So far so good at work today. Computers seem to be working today at work. I am in a chipper mood for some reason today. I had a very wierd dream last night. I was in Jamaica for a 2 day holiday. My hubby, mom, dad, sister and 5 people from work were with me. The 1st day was great - sun, sand and shopping. The 2nd day was rainy and I was trying to get everyone to pack up and get ready to get our plane. My mom kept saying that we had plenty of time and everyone went to eat in the restaurant. We missed our plane and my sister e-mailed the front desk to find out when the next plane was. I decided to walk up to talk to the front desk guy (his name tag said Turtino). The next plane wasn't for a week. I then had to call work to tell them that 6 of us were stuck in Jamaica for a week. Then I woke up. I have no idea why I had such a weird dream.
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Isn't it interesting what weird things we dream about? And most of them never make sense. :LOL: Hubby had a nightmare the other night that his computer burned up in a fire and he was trying to save part of it! What a nerd. :LOL: I laughed SO hard when he told me that! He is definitely a computer nerd.
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The weird thing is I always have very vivid dreams and I usually remember them. Unfortunately it doesn't make for a good night of sleep.
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Ady - maybe you just need a vacation! LOL

Rainy day today, which is good. We need it so bad. We had really loud thunder last night, so loud it scared Trent. He's been through lots of thunderstorms before and it never phased him, but last night he was all kinds of jumpy. Then this morning he decided that he was the only kitty who could sleep with Mom, and actually chased Ophelia off the bed. I was so mad at him. Course, I think part of Trent's being so jumpy and possesive is that he can feel the tension between me and hubby right now. Money is not good, and with him not working it got pretty ugly at my house last night. It's amazing how much the mood in the house affects those little ones.
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ANOTHER hot day, here. Rowdy is "helping" me at the computer. It is difficult to do anything, with someone batting at the cursor. Swing shift, tonight and off tomorrow. Have a good one!
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Well, its a beautiful day outside! Not a cloud in site. I have to work today. I am taking a break right now from learning Excel and Intermediate Word. Its very hard but I just heard that I don't have to take quizzes on Word anymore. Only production tests, but they are easy!

I've been working on Rascal's website. If I get good at this, then I will create a better site in another host. I really don't like MSN communities. Very confusing. No, I can create it using the instructions in my Word book. Then when I have it all set, then I will publish it! I also want to make one for my kids.

Ady, I also have wierd dreams. Maybe we should make a Weird Dreams Thread. If I can just remember the dream!

Have a great day everyone!
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Dark and windy and stormy and Racer is galloping up and down the field reacting to the wild weather. It was supposed to be hot today too- but we are so close to the mountains we get more storms than most. It is muggy outside as well, so I am looking for a heck of a thunderstorm to come crashing through.

This morning it was kind of neat, I went upstairs to say hi to Mckenzie and company and to switch out bedding for them. The kittens are now getting quite mobile and there is a slot between where she had the kits in the cupboard, leading to a bigger closet. I had blocked that slot off earlier, but yesterday took down the wood so the kits could get back and forth. As I was cleaning out the bigger closet (there were not cats in that side) who comes sneaking around the slot but Big Mac. He is so darn cute, that white around his mouth just cracks me up. He would make a good "Got Milk" commercial! LOL He comes walking up and puts his paw on my arm and we had a good interaction. Pretty soon here comes mom, and she got a good rubdown as well. Yesterday, I kicked all the cats out of the house and let McKenzie come down on her own and wander the house. Kahuna was the only cat I let stay in, he is a good ambassador to the new arrivals and they got along fine. She didn't stay down long, and met Kenai with no problems, so it is nice to know dogs do not upset her. Kenai is so low-key with cats, heck she has had to deal with so many, but McKenzie did get a good look, climbed a few cat rails then went upstairs to her babies. They are going to all be good kitties.

Today, I have to clean the house. When Mike cleans it, I can't find a thing and he doesn't do it right. It is going to take me all day, but I am determined to slowly get it done. Everyone have a wonderful day!
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I think I'll just steal Adrienne's dream and spend a week in Jamaica. Oh my, what a terrible predicament-sun, sand, water, and good looking guys! What a nightmare!
I am afraid we are going to get some of Chicago's weather today. We just had that terrible storm a few days ago that hit the amusement park, and there is a possibility of more severe weather today. This used to be unheard of in Western PA. I can remember only one tornado in the area in my childhood, and it hit 50 miles east of here. Everyone talked about it because no one ever expected a tornado here. I think the mountains and foothills are supposed to somehow protect us. I really don't understand why.
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I think we had the same bad storm here Sunday night. There were all the same things...high winds...thunderstorms...power failures...knocked over trees. This storm was scary too, and the thunder was extremely loud, some people said all the noise from the thunder caused their windows to break. My son snuck outside during the storm and was standing on our porch. He said the porch kept shaking and vibrating and it's never done that before. It's still kind of rainy here today but that should improve by this afternoon.
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Lorie-I do think that we were in the same line of thunderstorms. I think it also went through Colorado. Some places around here even had flooding. At least the worst of it is over. I did get woken up a few times last night by the loud thunder. We haven't been hit with anything this bad in awhile.
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Its my fault the weather is like that. Last Friday night and all day Saturday it was like that. So we gave it to you! Sorry!
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Hmph! Well then...I guess we can all go after Nena for all the bad weather she sent our way!
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It rained here yesterday night and all toady. it was horrible! our basement flooded and our rental's basement flooded too! so now tomorrow I am going to spend my day off cleaning out the water in the basement! Thank GOD for sump pumps! if we hadn't had one, the water mess would be FAR worse then it actually is now. I had one trapped cat down there last night! Poor Luna! She was a wreck! she was so spooked from the thunder and rain that she ran down there and it took me an hour to get her out and upstairs! She was still on edge allnight so i got about an hour of sleep and that's all. I was so worried about her, but she seems alright now. do you think I should get her checked by the vet just in case? I mean, she seems fine now so I think it was the storms that freaked her out. what does everyone think???
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Barb - it was probably the storms. Some animals are very sensitive to the low rumblings of thunder. We mostly see it in dogs, but cats have that same sensitive hearing. I would just watch Luna and if she acts funny over the next couple days then take her in.
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She seems normal now. but during other storms, she has never been so terrified..I guess, she was nervous cause she used to be a feral cat???
It didnt' bother Isis at all though and she was feral too.I'm so confused. Just another piece of a long list of the puzzle that is Luna I guess. I was up most of the night last night because I couldn't sleep(over tired I guess) and she came right to me all night wanting to be petted. I guess the storm just freaked her out like it did me... I am going to keep an eye on her though.(just to be sure)
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