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House flies

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Are everywhere!
I live less then a block from a bunch of horse stables and the flies here horrible.
I went into the bathroom this afternoon and when I opened the door there must have been a dozen in there!
I have looked into buying flies strips but I have heard that if you don't dispose of them withen a day or so maggots will start hatching
I don't want to use any sprays because of the kids/cats/dog. Does anyone know of an inexpensive way to get rid of them?

I would think the flies would stay over at the stables instead of here... We don't have what that stable has to offer them
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I actually would call an exterminist. *spelling I dont know lol*

They could fumagate *wow I cant spell* your place. You'd have to be gone for a day.

I remember once, my mom used a fogger thing for all the bugs, and it worked great. But we had to leave for entire day, and take animals with us. I forgot my "sea monkeys" though ( i was like 10) and they all died. But the fogger worked AWESOME. Try that, if you've got some place to go.

Other than them stuff....A fly swatter, and fly swat ALL DAY. lol.
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Problem with calling an exterminator is I know the chemicals they use. Alot of them have pyrethrene residuals in them that can make you very sick. I used to work for a very well known pest control company. I also know they don't usually come out for house flies. I did give the kids a couple fly swatters and told them to have at it last night.. Kept them occupied for about an hour!
I think sometime this week I am going to get up under the house and see if we have any sewage leaks that they might be swarming to. Otherwise, I might just have to leave it up to the kitties and the kiddies
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At the farm supply store near us, I buy these gallon jug things that you put stinky stuff (comes with the jug) inside, it attracts bugs. It does smell bad, though. But we use one or two out in our horse barn to keep the flies down. Maybe you can put one on the back corner of your yard, so when the flies come near they will go to that rather than coming inside.

And beware, we get regular house flies here, but some deer flies too. They look just like a house fly but HURT when they BITE!
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I have those flies too. Since I feed my exotics an all raw meat diet, it seems the flies can smell that meat from miles away The mosquitoes are horrible already too!! Of course, it doesn't help that I have wetlands just at the end of the street. Between the flies, mosquitoes and the high humidty already, it almost makes me want cold and snow. And those deer flies, them things are a royal pain. When they bite, you know it
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I should let you borrow my kitty. We tease her like she's a super hero:
(use very fake deep masculine sounding narrator's voice)

This is her favorite past time! And she is very good.... She goes absolutely BONKERS when a fly gets in the house!!!
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we dont use chemicals like sprays in stuff in my house because of animals and kids and stuff like that (plus some can cause perminent(SP?) brain damage) so we use gekos. they really do they trick. i didnt see one spider or roach last summer. they usually stay hidden and they are fast so they arnt really a problem with the cat.
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