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does your cat fetch?

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mine does. well, sorta :p he was playing with his favorite toy last night, a little plastic ball that's got a bell inside. he can happily play with it for hours. he's actually got three or four of them, but he inevitably chases them under the couch or behind the tv where he can't get at them, and so every few days i have to go on a plastic ball hunt.

anyway, last night he was playing with his ball in the living room, and i had the door open to the kitchen so he could run around in there (he's not allowed in the kitchen in the daytime, long story). so, he chased his little ball out into the kitchen. oh no, i thought, i'll have to go find it now. but a moment later, he came back in-with the ball in his mouth! i've never seen a cat pick up an object like that with it's mouth. a soft toy, yeah, but not a ball! i should point out that it's got holes in it, so i think it was easier for him to get his jaws around it.

anyway, he did this twice more-chased it in the kitchen, and then carried it back, as if he knew if he left it out there it might get lost. just one in a long line of adorable/amazing things he does. i know everyone thinks their cat is amazing, but he's really the most amazing cat i've ever had.

i've heard siamese like to fetch, too...
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My cats dont put it in their mouth but they like kick it back. I think I have the same balls and Zebra loves them but she keeps getting it stuck behind the door or under stuff.
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Oh yeah one does, It's Zinger she even know when I say go get your mouse She will go get it rub up against you and drop it at your feet as many times as you throw it, and no matter where you throw it, up the stairs down the stains, in the window where there's a large space, on top of the counter, she's so smart to, there just amazing aren't they. :clap

Plus Dunkin loves those little super balls, if you stay at my house over night you will be having one in your shoe or one in both shoes I think it's his way of saying your excepted He brings one upstairs to me every night when I am taking a bath he meows and makes the strangest sounds when he's coming with it also, he's such a sweet boy
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My boy kitty will fetch, he likes to bring me a mouse toy, I give it a fling and he goes and fetches it, jumps up and drops it on my lap. hes a big kitty. His tail is 15" long. at times I call him Mr. supertail.
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Serenity will bring back her flutterballs and little furballs over and over and over...
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Reilly loves to play fetch...we throw it and he'll bring it back...he especially loves those little foam balls.
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Of course he does, he fetches me whenever he needs someone to do his bidding, like opening food or playing. Lol. NO really, Conner really will play fetch with his milk rings. He's so cute, they'll get stuck around his nose while he carries them in his teeth, or get stuck around his arm and he'll walk around trying to shake them off. Lol.
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Quill fetches too. He has about eight foamy soccer balls he likes to flip and chase around. All I do is throw one of them and off he goes! He'll then bring it back after he's done playing and will eventually 'herd' the foamies into the living room for me to throw them all over again. He's one smart little kitty!
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I wish I could find out with Tavia her sissy the rat terrier steals all of her toys. The bratty rattie hoards them.
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Bit fetches all the time. In fact He will plop down his favorite toy, milk rings that are tied together with some hemp string, and look up at me as if to say "make it go". He will play like that until he falls asleep. Scratch however is not interested in fetch at all. He looks at his brother like he is crazy.
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Two of my three fetch which I found out by accident one day. Both of them are female and one fetches milk rings and the other straws. Rogue, the one that fetches milk rings will bring them back until you stop throwing them. Ugly, lol I know the name isn't nice but my roommate named her and it stuck, she loves to play with straws which we found out when we left a to go cup on the table when we went to the kitchen. She knocked the drink over trying to pull the straw out which as soon as she did she ran off with it. Now I have to bring extra home if I pickup fastfood. She will fetch them for a little while before she gets bored and runs off with it to play by herself. My only male Neo loves to jump up and try to catch mice in the air but I can't ever get him to bring them back. He usually ends up staring at me waiting for me to throw more at which point we trade sides in the room so I can throw the ones that were on the floor around him.
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