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Hi there! I'm Lesha.
I have a long hair tortious shell tabby cat that I found as a stray in PA during the Leonid Meteor shower November 2000. Hence her name: Meteor. But as we affectionately call her at home the Meety kitty, or Fuzz bucket. She has two German Shephards that she torments (and I mean that, she chases them and bites their bums!).
She is quite the meany! She came first, and she's taught our male GSD how to prowl and lounge on the back of the couch (now that's a site to behold!).
We are all moving in this weekend to a wonderful house with lots of space for the "zoo". She'll have a nice big house to wander, and lots of big windows to sit at.

Well I look forward to meeting ya'll!

I tried to put a photo in, but it didn't show up...is there some secret I'm missing? I used the little image button here, and the photo is one a website.
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Welcome to the site! I look forward to hearing more about your fireball Meteor! Hope to see you posting often.

I only know how to post from the computer. Just make sure that the image is no more then 400 by 400 pixals and it should work.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
We're so happy to have you join us, and we just looove looking at kitty pics!!! Maybe this will help you show us some pics of Meteor... On the second page of this recent thread,http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...5&pagenumber=1 two of the members, Mr. Cat and Hissy have given some instructions on posting pictures to another new member. Hopefully, their advice will help you too.

I hope to see you posting often!!!
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Okay, I'll try this again.

Drum roll please.....
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Meteor is beautiful and hopefully we can look forward to seeing more pictures of her in the future.
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Welcome to the site! Meteor is a real beauty - and she sounds like a spitfire, too! Guess we all know who runs that house!

Hope to see you posting often! Congrats on figuring out the picture enigma...it takes most of us much longer to conquer.
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Hi and welcome to TCS! You have a cute kitty!
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Hi, Lesha, I'm glad you found Meteor and the CatSite. Good luck with your move on the weekend! Meteor is a beautiful cat!

Hey, Lorie, I've been meaning to ask---Why do I sometimes get a picture and sometimes just an x in a square. When I right click the square, I click "show picture", but nothing happens. I tried left clicking and nothing happens. I'm asking you because it just happened with your picture.
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Jeanie, That's something I've been wondering about too. I think it has something to do with the site I have the picture uploaded to. I have asked about this in the lounge today but I haven't gotten a response yet.
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Lorie, Why don't we start a new thread, "Your computer questions!" ? I think it would run forever. We are always trying to learn new things.---Of course it would deal only with what we need to know here on the site.
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Jeanie, that's a fantastic idea, and a lot of people might benefit from a thread like that!
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happens when a link to the picture is either bad or incomplete. When we post our pictures on to our messages, a copy of our pictures is actually sent to the machine that holds all the information for this web site, sometimes not every connection goes through crystal clear (picture lousy connection on a phone call), thats when that little x shows up. The page knows that it needs a picture there, but it can't quite make the connection. Try hitting the 'refresh' button in your browser, that may help.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm over simplifying, I don't know how much you know about this kind of stuff. =)
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Thanks! I don't have the equipment yet to send pictures, but I know that people appreciated a good explanation, and it's always better to err on the side of simplicity rather than complexity! Many of us don't have any formal training, just trial and error.
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