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Poor little deers

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This isn't about kitties, but 2 little does I saw on the side of the highway.

We were driving to Toronto yesterday, and I saw 2 little does that had been hit by cars, and they were right near the median. I think they try to cross the highway but then when they get to that median they are stuck and get hit because they get confused and scared and have nowhere to go.

I feel awful for them, as I'm sure their last moments were filled with terror.

Rest in peace little does, I'm so sorry you had to go to the bridge this way.
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Oh no. Poor little kittens.

I always say a little prayer for an animal I see that died on the road. There are so many of them, here -- mostly possums and squirrels. Two kittens, though, that's a true heartbreaker.

Anyway, I will say a prayer for these two little ones.
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I've seen that sight too many times on the side of the 401...poor things

May they rest in peace
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rest in peace little ones
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Awww .... We nearly hit a deer yesterday. She leaped out of the bush about 100 metres away, zig zagged across the medians and narrowly got clipped by another car. But she made it, thank goodness. It's so terribly sad when they don't, though .... They are so beautiful.

RIP, little deer.
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