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two weeks into the move (photos too)

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and I still have not found the whisling tea kettle that calls to me when i always forget I put water on tho boil. Yesterday in a boox labeld books it found rubber boots and garden clogs so this tea kettle could be ANYWHERE. I have two room totally set up (except for window treatments- I am making them when my sewing studio is assembled. other rooms still have a few boxes or will be painted.

here are the sitting room, (Abi and I traveling) the foyer and the living room. more pics tofollow as I get them
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Looks like a nice place...lots of windows!!
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It looks like you're making a lot of progress. Hope your whistling tea kettle turns up.
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Nice place.... Lots of windows for your furbabies....
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Looks great! I love all the windows too.

I love the first room. Great job on the decor!
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Congrats on your new place!!, I love the pictures!
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we adore all the windows too, many I will leave uncovered or just swag the top, but the bedrooms need room darkening shades. I am waking up at 5:30 and this must STOP. From the looks of the chaos of my sewing room, it will be a long time before i am able to make any roman shades. and the bathroom has a huge picture window over the whirlpool. So I am bathing in the dark for now.

Bought a metal canopy bed and will paint the master bedroom dark green, when that's done i will post that too. the room is large enough with very little furniture that it can take something that dark and dramatic, and i want it to be like a nest.

My kitchen changes have run into snags. Purchased the appliances ( they are sitting in my utility room) and the remodelers gave me estimates of 15,000 to 25,000 and I said GET REAL. so now i am acting as my own contractor. today I found a guy who would tear out and relocate some cabs that for $200. I hired him for Thrusday so I can finally get the refrigerator about of the middle of the kitchen. Then wednesday i am interviewing a "creative carpenter" who I hope will modify my existing cabinets so as to fit a range top in the counter without removing an entire wall of oak cabs and starting from scratch. I won't be eating out for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOG time.
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