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I Miss Church

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I was sitting here going through pictures when I came across some of my old Russian Blue Hair.. I miss him terribly.

Everyone but me hated him. Well, he attacked everyone but me.

Anyways, how we came to lose Church.

It was about three months ago when we were moving. We had our door wide open, and well I put church in the bathroom. I told EVERYONE not to let him out. I even went as far as posting a sticky note on the door. People just don't listen. My brother went to the bathroom, and just left the door open after he was finished. Church came zooming out, about got squished and was out the door before I could catch him. We looked high and low, put out ads, and everything. Someone got him and just weren't letting him go.

Anyways, I just miss my old kitty. I'll try and get some pictures up of him soon!
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man that sucks, I would be so upset at my brother!! I bet you miss him, I couldn't imagine!
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Aw, poor little Church. I'm sorry to hear this.
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AWW! I bet you do miss him. Im so sorry you had to go thru that. Are you in the same town that you lost him in? I mean maybe he will come back. Keep us posted please.
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I'm so sorry to hear this
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Sorry to hear that!
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