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TV watcher

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One of my kitty's, Bit, LOVES to watch TV. He will sit on the couch with my husband and me and watch for hours with us. If we turn the channel he will paw at the TV until we turn it back. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Barkley is the TV watcher in my family, he loves the Game Show Network
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That's hysterical!! You might consider getting him a few of those "cat videos" where they have birds and mice running around the screen.

I wish Penelope and Molly were entertained by the TV. They're indoor cats in a small apartment so it would give them another way to avoid boredom. I tried the cat videos on them but they didn't work.
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They like the movements and I noticed Skittles like animal planet...
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Barkley likes anything on television with weird cooky sounds and flashing lights, he gets totally mesmerized then
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Oh yes - Mosi loves watching tv!

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Yeah, my cat Sherbert sometimes goes right up to the TV and looks there, and then starts pawing sometimes-my cousin said that a cat can't actually watch TV, b/c supposedly a cats brain doesn't move fast enough to keep up with the TV or something like that, but I think that he's wrong! lol!
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I think Barkley knows exactly what he is watching/listening to. I have him accustomed now to watching the news at 5pm and 6pm each night!! As soon as he hears me say "Moot (that's his nickname btw) it's time for the news" he comes running in the living room and jumps up on the couch. It never fails with him
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My Rambo doesn't seem to watch the TV as much as listen to it. He loves Kiefer Sutherland's voice...and will perk up and stare intently at the TV. Silly Rambo!
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Yeah my little one also watches TV..she stares more like it
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My Bit is an Oprah fan as well as CSI. Thank God I like both shows. I say Oprah and he runs to the TV and meows. It's cute.
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Hehe, My one guy has a love for TV as well! Well, videos...My boyfriend is an avid skateboarder and has millions of videos he always watches...Fatty just sits there totally mesmerized and attacks all the skaters going across the screen...too cute!
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