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Can I give you

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My toothache? Please??? For goodness sake, I'm 37 years young and only now my wisdom tooth (upper left, got rid of my upper right 2 years ago!) decides to come out! The best part is, I don't have any space in my jaw for it!

Come tommorrow I have an appt. with my dentist...(it's a good thing I like her!!!)

Any good stories on teeth out there? I'm feeling blue due to the crappy weather and the earthquake in Indonesia (just rec'd some sad news from over there)...I need cheering up!!! Happy teeth stories please!!!
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ouch...sorry to hear about your tooth!
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Man Im sorry about your tooth! I hope it gets better soon.
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I hate toothaches so much, I had them all pulled!

Hope you feel better
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Don't feel too bad. I woke up a month ago with a bad toothache. Figured I just had a popcorn hull under my gums or finished a soda just before bed (I have horrid teeth with several cavities - No insurance and no job for a few years will do that)

3 days later I wake up shivering and trying not to scream in pain. Found an emergency dentist and had to get an emergency root canal. Turns out my cavity had finally hit the nerve. If I'd waited, the pain not only would have not gone away, I'd have lost the tooth. As it was, I had to have surgery to lower the gumline and bone so they can crown it.

I also had one of my wisdom teeth (the one on that side, lower left) pulled the same time I had surgery. One more crown, several cavities, and 3 more wisdom teeth to get pulled.

This time, I'm getting sedation. ugh.
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I had my wisdoms removed a few years ago... they took all of them at once cause they can be a problem later (like your having now). And I had a rough time cause 1 was impacted and I had an abcess that had to be cut out, I was in so much pain... I wouldn't wish that on anyone!
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So, I went to see my vet and true enough it's gotta come out - on friday morning...I had to get a full jaws x ray done and guess what, both my bottom wisdoms are lying horizontally, so I gotta get those out too!!!

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Ouch!, I've heard that having your wisdom teeth taken out is painful...best of luck!
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