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Howdy from Tennessee!!

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Hi guys We're at my sisters this Memorial Day weekend in TN. We'll be coming back home tomorrow..........Jerry and I brought my mother down here to visit. Well, yesterday we drove over into southern Kentucky to go to a place called Patti''s like a town set back in the 1800's......very nice. Well, they had an animal section, which I personally always hate to see because these poor things are in cages, etc. Anywho, they had a pen set up for free kitties..........these kittens were so cute.......perhaps 8 weeks old........I was appalled at the litterbox, etc and had to say something. The woman in charge seemed genuinely grateful that I said something, but come on! Whether she was or wasn't, I still had to say it. I hope they find good homes.....

Then when we got back, my mom, sis and I were walking through her new development, and all of a sudden these two black/white kittens come bouncing out of the woods, mewing thier heads off. They couldn't have been anymore than 8 weeks old either..........I tried to get them to come to me, but you could only get like 10 feet from them and they'd run back in the woods. It's like they were mewing, HELP US HELP US, but then when you would try, they'd be too afraid...............I never did see a mother kitty........broke my heart to have to leave them.............

So, this has been a bittersweet trip............
Jerry and my brother in law are out in the kitchen making can I tell???? My firefighter husband just set off the smoke alarm.....

Everyone have a good Monday..........
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Awe Suzi, sounds like you are going to be bringing home about a dozen new kittys if you find anymore!!! Hope Jerry can atleast put out the fire if he starts one! Enjoy the rest of you holiday and have fun!
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Wow, sounds like you're having fun!! Too bad you couldn't get to those little kitties to help them...maybe they are okay but they just like to mew.

Um, maybe your husband likes to have something to do so that why he makes the fire alarm go off..then maybe he'll have a fire to fight
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Hi, Susie! Glad you're enjoying your visit. Could your sister contact the local shelter, and ask if they can set up a trap for the kittens?
Have a safe trip home!
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What city in Tennessee were you in? I live in Nashville.
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Originally Posted by rachelh1018
What city in Tennessee were you in? I live in Nashville.
Hi Rachael........we just got back from Nashville, the Grandle Old Opre! What a beauty!! If anyone wants to see pics, just let me know......

We're actually in Clarksville.............we'll be coming home tomorrow. I love it here..........I could live here in a heartbeat!
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I'd love to see pictures Susie!, I spent 3 days in Nashville once, and I loved it
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Susie, if you've been outside today and around trees please check yourself for ticks. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever has been confirmed in Middle Tennessee. Yet another thing to worry about.
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Have a great time, Susie, and a safe drive home! Bet you can hardly wait to see your babies! See you soon!
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Hi Susie!

Sounds like you are having a great time - thats too bad about those kittens! Too bad you couldn't get closer to them, you would have had 2 more furballs to add to your furfamily!

Drive safe home, enjoy the rest of your trip!
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Originally Posted by jcat
Hi, Susie! Glad you're enjoying your visit. Could your sister contact the local shelter, and ask if they can set up a trap for the kittens?
Have a safe trip home!
Susie, I'm glad you had such a nice trip and I totally agree. IMO, those kittens are possibly ferals and something may have happened to the mother cat.

I want to share a short story about a Rainbow Bridge kitty I owned (or was owned by) for 13 1/2 years:

The local no kill shelter had received calls about a kitten that was about 2 months old and had been discovered wandering alone in the streets of a near-by town. They were able to trap the kitten and brought her to the shelter where she lived for the next 6 months. We had just lost a very precious cat, and our home seemed so empty, so I went to the shelter to look for a new companion. While I was looking, I noticed a beautiful 8 month old black kitten. After spending some time with the kitten, I knew I had found the right companion and took her home and named her Midnight. Midnight actually seemed to be grateful that I found her and took her away from that shelter. I developed a special bond with her, and she had a long and happy life in my home.

Perhaps these two little kittens can have a similiar fate???

P.S. Sorry for the long post.
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I'm back and will post pics tomorrow....I'm too busy loving on my kits!!!
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I used to live in Clarksville and my mother still does I am debating going to school there. And trying to find an apartment that would allow me to have both Lilly and Tavia and maybe a second kitty.
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