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Some confusing symptoms, and a dilemma..

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G'day there

I'm new here, and registered to ask for some advice/suggestions on behalf of my beloved kitty.. Though I'll try to make this as short as I can, you'll have to bear with me as I want to put it as clearly as possible.

He's just over 2 years old now, and I've had him almost since birth. Ever since then, he's not been in the best of health, and has frequently been back and forth to the vets. I'm not going to bore you with the finer details of those visits, but this part, at least, is relevant: At around 6 mths old, I noticed he was making a sort of wheezing noise, and sneezing, following which I obviously took him for another check up. After an x-ray and various tests, the vet diagnosed a mild chest infection, and put him on a course of antibiotics. Though the antibiotics helped initially, I heard the wheezing again a few weeks later. Fast forward a few months, and a lot more vets visits, and no real conclusion had been reached, but nonetheless I was told he was healthy enough, and I should just keep a close eye on him at home.

Since then there have been countless more, seemingly completely random and very puzzling symptoms, and still no helpful conclusion from the vet.
Currently his symptoms are:

* The wheezing and sneezing, and occasional rapid/heavy breathing

* Itching, resulting in some quite nasty scabs ( which the vet originally put down to Flea Allergy Dermatitis, but after a couple of months' treatment and varied improvement, I'm sceptical )

* Retching and vomiting, sometimes just a clear fluid similar to saliva. He also occasionally "chews" without any actual food in his mouth..

Despite all of the above, he often seems in perfect health..

Now, I've been mulling over these symptoms trying to find my own explanations, but as every symptom seems so inconsistent, I don't really have much to go on. The best I can come up with is that the vomiting, at least, might have something to do with the speed at which he eats - though the quantity is usually little, he can be an over-zealous eater at times . Another thought, particularly regarding the "chewing", is that there might be a blockage somewhere in his throat/mouth. However, I've had a look there and can't really see anything myself. Could he just be a sensitive cat with a lot of allergies.. ?

My dilemma is this - after so many fruitless visits to the vets, I'm beginning to doubt their capabilities. However, due to the area I live in, and the fact that I don't drive, this is the only practise I can actually reach.. I don't want to keep hassling the vet, if he/she believes there's nothing wrong, but I definitely don't want my cat to suffer for any longer than he has to. He's a young thing with a lot of life ahead, and I want him to be able to enjoy a happy and healthy life, not to be miserable because of these symptoms that no one can seem to identify

Any light shed on this is very much appreciated, as I feel I'm approaching my final resort..

Thanks a lot, in advance.
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It certainly sounds like your little guy could have allergies. But sneezing and rapid breathing can also be signs of heart problems. If at all possible, you should find a feline cardiologist and have an ultrasound done to rule that out. Your kitty has a lot of different things going on and I think a second opinion is definitely warranted.

I know it's difficult to get him to another vet, but if you can get a friend to help you out it would be worth it.

I hope you'll be able to get some answers soon so your little boy will feel better.
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What is he eating?
I believe diet to be of the utmost importance, especially since allergies and gastric problems are listed..
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Here is a possible idea....even if at this time you are unable to physically go see another vet, maybe find a number for another vet. You could call and tell them what the symptoms are and get their opinion. Maybe they would also have a way to help you get in for a visit...? Does this sound plausible?
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Thanks for your responses.

KTLynn - I'll definitely consider asking about a cardiologist the next time I'm at the vets. Fingers crossed it's not his heart But thanks for the heads up on that. Thanks also for the good wishes

Cearbhaill - He isn't on any special diet at the moment, just a mix of whichever wet or dry food I can afford at the time. I'm in the UK, so I doubt brand names will mean much.. And as I've got 3 cats and they all eat together, it's sometimes hard to tell who eats what. Come to think of it, it is usually dry food in his vomit, but he much prefers eating that to the wet food, and if he didn't eat the dry food, he probably wouldn't eat much at all..

AshleyNicole - That's not a bad idea.. I've made another appointment for him tomorrow, so if nothing becomes of that, I'll definitely be phoning around; thanks for that suggestion

If anyone else is able to help identify these symptoms, any input would be appreciated..
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