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weird symptoms...

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my cat acts like she has dry mouth. she still drinks her water though. she is 8. also, i just noticed one whisker fell out a few days ago, and i found another one just now. should i worry???
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Although it's not uncommon to find a whisker or two laying around (I've found several from my kitties every once in a while), you should call your vet about her symptoms.
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what if i cannot call the vet....because every single time i call them for anything at all, they say immediately...come in for an evaluation. well i would be doing that all the time of course....if i had the money. i am incredibly poor, can barely afford to feed the both of us. my mother buys us food sometimes. for instance, i am out of money now until the first, and i have no food. but fiona (my kitty) does and thats how it is for us. of course, she is begging for wet food too but i told her she has to wait until the first.
please no lectures about how i should give her up to someone who has more money...i know i am a loser of a person already...but we are best friends, and i would die without her. which is why im so concerned...i am ill and on disability and cant afford normal things, let alone things i need. but i just wanted some opinions...because if i find out this is a serious issue then i will take her to the vet. i have starved for her before.
i figured the whiskers thing might be normal, but dry mouth? and shes had it for a few weeks. shes still acting normal tho, but shes been crabbier than usual. my mom says thats normal, but im always afraid of my moms advice because all of her pets always die from some type of illness that was never taken care of. and shes only 8...but shes a real big girl...somewhat overweight with real long fur, and doesnt that shorten the lifespan? i dont know...i dont like thinking about it...
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Is she eating normally? What is she doing that leads you to think she has a dry mouth (is her mouth literally dry or is she heaving, etc.)?

As a side note, there are organizations in Santa Cruz that can help if you are out of food: http://www.dpw.co.santa-cruz.ca.us/f...html#SANTACRUZ
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