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Frustrated with HTML

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SIGH I hate HTML. I'm in charge of our shelters Pet Finder site & I totaly screwed it up tonight. I'm currently waiting for a response from the, because all our graphics are missing. all I did was add a link with a map to our shelter. GRRRR. Ok, just had to vent. Hopefully I'll hear back from them by tomorrow, if not I guess I'll have to find out the e-mail of the guy who does our regular web site & maybe he can help me.
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Why not try a program like Dreamweaver to work on your site. It's much easier than handwriting the html in. I use Dreamweaver to build my website, and I love it.
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Sounds like you may have not closed out a tag. Often times when you miss the > of a tag it can make many other things disappear as well.

If you're into Web Design and do more than just the shelter's site, I highly recommend Dreamweaver as well. However if its just the shelter that you use it for, look for another lesser alternative like Homesite. That's only a $40 expense versus a $400 expense (DW does cost less if your a student).
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Yeah, it's just for the shelter. I don't really feel like spending money on something I do once in a blue moon. I checked for missing >, but can't find any. I was able to fix some of the graphics, but the basic ones that show up on all the pet finder home pages are gone. Hopefully they will answer me by tomorrow. I guess that's what I get for trying to be fancy and add a link to a map.
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Try www.downloads.com and look in the Developer Tools, Web Page Creation.

They should have something that's Freeware there, or low cost ($20-30) that you can use.
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Sorry to hear about that happening-that must really suck!
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HTML kit is free or cheap and is great for just checking stuff quickly or also has a WYSIWYG interface

Edit, I checked and its free although they do have a pro version with addons you can upgrade to
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I also recommend Dreamweaver. If you want a free WYSIWYG HTML editor, I would suggest trying Nvu.
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