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is this possible?

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Is it possible for a cat to not really get wider on the sides when they first start showing but get heavier on the bottom? Does that make sense? If Angel is standing and you look at her from above she only has (maybe) a teeny bump on the side, mainly only 1 side, but if you look at her from a side view she looks ALOT bigger from back to belly than she has been. And when she is laying now she looks much thicker.

trying not to "check" non stop but we were out all day and she was laying in the hall when we got home and looked bigger. but when she stood up I looked straight down at her and she didn't seem wider (out to the sides) but from a side view she lookes wider down lower (so from back to floor she looks wider)............
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I think they get wider cause they hold them on the sides Dont count on it...
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Jenny--- that is what I thought but she isn't wider on the sides much yet but underneath she is getting bigger.......... (did that make sense?) if you look at my other pictures there is one that is a side view of her standing. and that is the way I mean. from say ceiling to floor (when she is standing) she is wider that way not side to side (well had a bit of a bump)....... LOL
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Really, just about anything is possible depending on the size of the litter, the size of the cat, if she's had babies before, etc. It's most common that they get wide but especially if it's a small litter, this might not really happen.
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If she has 1 or 2 I would think it would be awhile before she shows right or the vet could feel it...
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