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Do your cats ever get mad at you...

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for spending too much time on TCS? Penelope has been pawing at me and meowing for attention for the last five minutes. I better get off the computer.
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Skittles and baby will finally just sit on the laptop LOL...
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nope, cuz I always fuss over her and it's probably a nice break from me for me to get on TCS and leave her be for a moment!
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Trout probably likes it when I leave her alone...I always try and force her to cuddle with me, and she hates it (I don't actually force her..but when she sees me coming, she knows I want some love...and she isn't the cuddliest cat.)

So when I am on the computer, she's probably thinking *whew*.
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Well, since I'm only on here when I'm at work, Sukiey can't get mad at me.

She, does, however, get mad at me for other things/reasons.

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It seems like everytime I SIT in front of the computer Luna will pop up and block the screen.

Guess I've need to spend some time with something furry!
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Yes, Sash does and I feel so guilty sometimes for being on here when I know he just wants me to sit on the sofa with him so he can get onto my lap. That's probably why I'm not on here all the time, I can't resist my loverboy when he wants attention.
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Yes. Little hag doesn't stay that way for long, though.
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Buffy and Willow get angry with everyone on a regular basis, but it's usually because we (okay, me) are trying to clip their nails or something. For the past few days, all I've been thinking is that I've never heard Molly so much as growl (she hissed twice during the first few weeks we had her, since she was pretty scared and unsure in her new surroundings, but since then, nothing). She's such a laid-back, cool cat. And I want to keep it that way, we don't need another Buffy The Bitch and Willow The Monster, lol
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Ashes comes and steps all over the keyboard when its time to get off the computer She's like "mum, its ASHES TIME"
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pisces will stand on the keyboard when he wants to get me off the computer & fuss him, if i dont he'll wait for me to get off the computer chair to get a drink or whatever & he will take my place. he is crafty because he knows i would never push him off of anything, he'll wait for me to sit down on the setee then he will come over for some cuddles.
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Luks will give me about 15 mins. on the computer then arrive at my feet with a loud meow -even though he has his own chair with pillows/throw right next to me-it's up to sit in front of monitor meowing the whole time,then up on tower to sit-with a "cat-stare" back down with a few head-butts & finally in his chair-This is a everyday routine -like a game for hime
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Sophie stands on her back legs and taps my leg or my arm with her paw as if to say " come on mum it's bed time! ".

Rosie only gets annoyed if i gently nudge her from in front of the computer screen The only way i can get her down is to give her a treat on the floor.
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Mine don't really get mad at me for being on TCS. They just hop up on my lap and I pet them with one hand and scroll down the screen with the other.
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It's funny, if I'm on my pc @ home Lucky has to be right up on my lap trying to step on the keyboard. But if I'm not on the computer she's not jumping on my lap hardly ever... it's more like she doesn't want my attention, but she doesn't want anyone else to have it either! She's very much on her terms... really affectionate when I come home, or wake up, or feed her, or when it's convenient for her. But sometimes I could just kiss her to death she's so cute, and she's like "ugh, no more kisses Meowmy!!!!"

Now with Daddy it's a whole other story... she never gets mad at him for anything. She's definatly Daddy's girl.
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